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No Need to Fear – No Frankenfood Here!

It has been called Frankenfood – the McDonald’s burger kept by two Australian friends for twenty years that looked the exact same in February 2015 as it had when they first bought it back in 1995. And it really is a freak of nature!

Over the past several years, McDonalds and other fast food joints have been falling behind in gross annual sales as their popularity slowly declines. It is believed that this shift is due to Americans becoming more health-conscious and insisting on a transparent menu consisting of ingredients they can recognize and pronounce. The days of mystery meat and Frankenfood are long gone.

Fresh Ingredients, Great Food

As the best burger franchise out there, we at MOOYAH pride ourselves in only serving premium quality products and upholding the highest of standards. That’s why you’ll only find 100% Certified Angus Beef®️, garden fresh veggies, non-GMO homemade buns, hand-cut Idaho fries, and real ice cream shakes.

No Frankenfood here! You’d better get it while it’s fresh because our food isn’t made to last – it’s made to be eaten. Interested in an investment? Our Franchise Territories are selling out almost as quickly as our burgers.

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Our Unique Niche

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The fast casual dining experience is what Americans prefer these days. In fact, it has become a $52 billion industry and continues to yield impressive profits. Consumers aren’t going for cheap and fast like they used to. Now, it’s about healthy and delicious.

MOOYAH is part of the growing better burger niche that is now dominating the Fast Casual Industry. While there are many competitors out there, none of them can claim to be the best burger franchise. MOOYAH stands out as an industry leader with a diverse menu offering, including our paleo burger, turkey burger, gluten-free and allergy conscious options.

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Made with 100% Certified Angus Beef®, fresh baked buns, hand cut fries, and crisp veggies, our mouth watering burgers are changing the way America eats.

We love hamburgers and we never sacrifice on ingredients. We also don’t sacrifice on support - all of our Franchise Owners are part of the MOOYAH family.

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As a franchise model, MOOYAH is also ahead of the game. We insist on providing a simple, streamlined business model, offering excellent corporate support, and helping Franchise Owners find the most optimal location for their own burger joints. That’s what comes with being the best burger franchise in the business!


Let's do this…TOGETHER. As a newly awarded MOOYAH Franchise Partner, you will start to feel the power of the brand and the support systems from day one. From initial training, to real estate and construction, marketing and ongoing operations – we support you like you’re family. Because, well, you are!

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So Much to Love About The Best Burger Franchise!

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Low Cost, High Reward!

It only takes from $402,750-$564,440 to start a MOOYAH franchise. This covers everything from setup fees, training, furniture and uniforms, inventory and supplies, computer software, licenses and permits, etc.

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Fun Work Environment

From the high energy music playing in the background to our updated, modern restaurant design, MOOYAH makes a great hangout spot and an upbeat place of employment!

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A Welcome Addition to Any Community

We love getting involved in philanthropic opportunities to support schools, churches, and athletic programs wherever our burgers are flipped.

As you dream about what your future holds, we hope you imagine the sound of juicy burgers sizzling and the taste of mouth-watering fries somewhere along the way! MOOYAH restaurants are not only highly profitable, but they offer flexibility and the independence that comes with ownership. Inquire with us today to learn more.


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