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Look out, Nashville! Martin Arguello is bringing America’s BEST burger franchise to you! Arguello will be opening Music City U.S.A.’s first MOOYAH burger franchise location later on this year. We’re excited to welcome Martin into the MOOYAH hamburger franchise family and had the opportunity to find out more about him, including what made him want to invest in one of the best burger franchises in America.

“I’m going to be probably one of the younger, if not youngest owner-operators in the MOOYAH system,” says Martin, who graduated from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama just three years ago. While at college, Martin worked at a local, family-owned restaurant in Brentwood, Tennessee, an experience that would stick with him long after earning his degree in finance. “I started as a host, and worked my way up. I graduated and took a sales role at a cog-based data management company startup, and later I left that company and went into cybersecurity sales,” Arguello says. “I realized that it’s a really hard sale! Just out of luck, I found an opportunity with healthcare. In doing so- working in different industries, different work environments, different experiences. I still always looked back at my time when I worked at a restaurant. I loved the customer interactions that I was able to have there that far surpasses what I was doing in the corporate world.”

Martin’s drive to become an entrepreneur was fueled by his desire to take a bit of a departure from corporate America and go into business for himself. He explains, “When you’re working for these large organizations, you are usually removed from daily customer interactions. You learn the marketplace from a distance. Ultimately what I’m trying to lead to is picking out a company, an outstanding brand within the restaurant industry, and in this instance it’s MOOYAH, where we will create a meaningful exciting footprint within the Music City U.S.A. communities.”

While researching franchise opportunities that would allow him to go into business for himself, Martin thought back to the happy times he spent working in the restaurant industry, and realized that the day-to-day interactions with people in a fun, busy environment were one of the things he missed most. “I wanted to get out of the corporate sales environment and back into something that I enjoyed, and always looked back at interacting with my employees, co-workers and customers,” he recalls. “It was still a far better and more fulfilling experience than what I was doing in the corporate life.”

Fueled by his fond memories of working in the restaurant industry, Martin narrowed his search to franchise opportunities in the food service industry. Upon reviewing various Fast Casual hamburger franchises for sale, he happened upon the MOOYAH opportunity, which struck a chord and reminded him of another happy memory from his college years. 

“When I was in school in Birmingham, I lived in an apartment, and the shopping complex that was right next to the apartment just happened to have a MOOYAH opening up,” Arguello remembers. “I was there within the first couple weeks of their opening day, and I was a customer ever since!” 

Martin’s positive experience with the MOOYAH brand made him want to learn more about the hamburger franchise opportunity, and he decided to dig a little deeper. His research led him to realize that he could be the first person to open a MOOYAH in his hometown of Nashville. “I started exploring different franchises to invest in, and I remembered my experience with the brand, and in doing so, I noticed that there was one in Knoxville, two in Birmingham. They’re also getting ready to open third location in Hoover, Alabama, but none in Nashville, which is a great opportunity for me since I want to pick a franchise system that doesn’t have a current foothold here.” Competing hamburger franchises like Five Guys and Steak n’ Shake, who already have a presence in the Nashville area, will now have to contend with MOOYAH’s Better Burger experience, thanks to Arguello’s foresight.

Martin decided to go further with the MOOYAH hamburger franchise Education Process, and he soon found himself at Discovery Day, meeting our corporate team and doing a deep-dive into MOOYAH’s seriously fun culture. The passion and enthusiasm that each team member displayed was something that resonated with Martin, making him want to become a part of MOOYAH. “When he went to Dallas and visited the team, you could tell that people were passionate about the company, the brand, the image, the culture—everything that it represented. This was something that aligned with my core values and something I could get behind and be proud of owning,” says Arguello. 

“Ultimately that’s what really drew me to the brand, the whole experience, not only being a customer but being on the corporate side and seeing how everything’s run on the back end, really gave me the confidence that this is something I wanted to pursue. MOOYAH, specifically, not just a small business.”

Discovery Day gave Martin more than just a good feeling about the MOOYAH burger franchise brand, however the knowledge and expertise of each corporate Team Member gave him confidence in investing in a well-developed brand that wants its hamburger Franchise Owners to succeed, and have fun doing it! “He interacted with everyone from every different function within corporate MOOYAH, learning from their perspectives what their vision is and what they’re trying to do,” says Martin. “It’s just really reassuring where you can tell these people are really passionate about the brand itself, and that they’re wanting to do the best for MOOYAH, which ultimately does the best for me!”

Martin is excited about the opportunity the MOOYAH burger franchise gives him to open not one, not two, but THREE restaurants in Nashville and surrounding areas. “What we’re going to do is we’re going to open up three restaurants in this area”, says Arguello, adding, “That’s in its own right a huge opportunity! The ability to build out and grow within a community through hiring people, giving people jobs, serving great food, building that brand awareness of MOOYAH which then in turn would be something I’d be very, very passionate for.”

Martin is especially glad to be opening his first MOOYAH burger franchise location in Nashville, a city he has lived in for over a decade and thinks of as his hometown. “It’s just an exciting time to have that opportunity to grow in what I consider home,” he says. “I’ve lived all over the world but this is home for me, as I’ve lived here for about 15 years. To bring a great brand with a great culture and a great environment with great food to Nashville is really what’s going to excite me for it.”

For Martin, one of the highlights of his MOOYAH burger franchise Education Process was not only getting to speak to the corporate support team and see the inner workings of one of the best burger franchises in America, but also hearing about MOOYAH ownership from the perspective of actual Franchise Owners. “When you speak with the actual owners and how happy they are with the choice, how much they love the brand, and everything that goes with it sold the brand” says Arguello of his experience. “Throughout the whole educational process starting with the MOOYAH Franchise Development Team, the big one that got me really interested was speaking with some of the Franchise Owners. These are the people that actually invested with the brand at different intervals. At the end of the day, the Franchise Owners I’m speaking with are who I would eventually be if I decided to pursue this opportunity.”

Martin is ready for the adventure and excitement the coming months will bring as he gears up to open the doors of their first Nashville-area MOOYAH hamburger franchise. Martin is confident that with hard work and a willingness to positively communicate with his staff members and customers, he will find success as a MOOYAH Franchise Owner. “When you look at owning your own business, it ultimately comes down to the hard work and the respect you have for your employees and customers.”

Arguello also hopes to solidify his reputation as a MOOYAH Franchise Owner by staying on top of day-to-day operations and developing a true feel and understanding of how his burger franchise location should be run. “You have to be involved,” he notes. “You have to have your hands on everything. You have to be in there, on-site, to experience everything and make sure it runs smoothly. It just comes down to hard work and interpersonal connections that you can grow with people.”

When Martin is not preparing for his MOOYAH burger franchise grand opening, he enjoys traveling, as well as taking walks with his dogs. “We have two Goldendoodles, Cooper and Cassie,” he says, adding, “They’re little and fluffy. They’re a fun bunch with tons of energy!”

As the big day of Martin’s MOOYAH hamburger franchise grand opening nears, he is eagerly anticipating the excited customers and looks forward to providing a Seriously Fun™ experience as they introduce their Nashville community members to America’s BEST burger franchise. What is Martin looking forward to most? “Opening the door!” he exclaims, with a laugh. “Seeing those doors open up, figuring out where in the world it’s going to be, and getting started.”  

We’re seriously excited to have Martin in the MOOYAH family and can’t wait to bring the Better Burger experience to Music City! If you also dream of bringing the best burger franchise in the U.S.A. to your hometown, we want to hear from you, too! Please take a moment to complete the form below to begin our no-obligation MOOYAH burger franchise Education Process, or visit our franchise website for more information about who we are, what we do, and what makes us different from other burger franchise opportunities out there. We’re expanding to new territories all over America, and are always looking for people like Martin who truly believe in our burgers, shakes & fries, and are as passionate about good people, good food, and good FUN as we are!

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