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MOOYAH Franchise Owners Josh and Lucas Bergeson took to the airwaves last week to prove once and for all that America’s best burger franchise is also the leading authority on the time-honored tradition of tailgate parties! The Bergeson brothers, who, along with their dad Randy, operate three Madison, Wisconsin-area MOOYAH burger franchise locations, made an appearance on local ABC affiliate WKOW to showcase their mad tailgating skills on the popular afternoon lifestyle program Midday Madison. You can watch the entire segment here:

Host Samantha Bowers sat down with Josh and Lucas as they traded expert tips on creating the perfect burger, using high-quality ingredients from our signature MOOYAH Burger Bar to demonstrate. Josh touted the importance of using only the freshest ingredients to make the best burger possible when hosting a tailgate party this football season, telling viewers to “keep it simple but fresh,” and later adding, “If you can bake your own stuff, great, or if you go to the grocery store and they usually have the fresh baked that day, get the fresh ingredients, so that really makes it stand out when you’re tailgating.”

“The number one tip is no matter what you’re using for your product, whether it’s turkey, veggie, or beef is the seasoning,” Josh explained, using our famous MOOYAH seasoning as an example. “You gotta have a good quality seasoning, and season heavy. Really enhance that beef, especially.” 

Lucas took a moment to discuss the various Lifestyle Burger options available at MOOYAH, including the vegetarian, gluten-free, and low calorie offerings that have recently been added to accommodate the unique dietary needs of all our Guests, mentioning that these choices are a welcome addition to any tailgate party. “If you’re vegetarian, we’ve got a veggie burger. Turkey burger for the healthier option, and then a lettuce wrap if you’re gluten-free, or you’re just watching your carbs.”

A1 Cheeseburger MOOYAH

Josh agreed that having different options to satisfy the dietary needs of everyone on your tailgate party list is one way to make sure that there’s something for everybody. “We kind of set it up that way with three different options of your proteins,” he said, referencing the Burger Bar showcased in the segment. “You can just do two options – a veggie and a beef option. Definitely a lot of people out there that are vegetarians and vegans. And then obviously, you set up 4, 5, 6 different veggie options, they can kind of build it themselves, so you can kind of do all your stuff the day before.” This time-saving tip can come in especially handy for tailgate party hosts who love hanging out with friends before the big game, but don’t love spending the entire time cooking rather than enjoying themselves. By ordering the MOOYAH Burger Bar and creating a “build your own burger” station, football enthusiasts can rest assured that their loved ones are having a great time and enjoying delicious MOOYAH burgers, without any of the hassle that comes along with grilling.

The MOOYAH Burger Bar is a staple of our burger franchise’s catering services. Folks all over America know they can order enough mouthwatering MOOYAH burgers to feed Guests at virtually any event, and Franchise Owners appreciate the separate stream of revenue they can generate with MOOYAH catering while still operating their local MOOYAH restaurant. Think about how many football parties, family reunions, graduations, school fundraisers and more could be enhanced with a simple addition of quality food from the best burger franchise in the business! MOOYAH Franchise Owners have the opportunity to cater the community events that matter most, all while making a little extra MOOLAH on the side! It’s a win-win situation for people who love being in a FUN environment, meeting people in their neighborhood, making (and eating) seriously good food, and don’t exactly mind a high potential for profit, either!

MOOYAH iceberg mushroom swiss

Josh and Lucas Bergeson did an excellent job educating the people of Madison on the fundamentals of building a delicious burger, the MOOYAH way. Our Franchise Owners are more than the proprietors of the best burger franchise in America: they’re ambassadors of quality, fresh ingredients and food that tastes amazing! Can you imagine yourself in the Bergeson brothers’ position, educating a local audience on how to build a better burger? If so, maybe it’s time to check your eligibility for our franchise opportunity by completing the form below, or by visiting our website. We’re always on the lookout for great people, like Josh and Lucas, to join the MOOYAH family. Will you be next?


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