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MOOYAH just got a shout-out on Nation’s Restaurant News for providing lighter options to enjoy America’s BEST burger franchise. Our Lifestyle Burgers give people with specific dietary needs the opportunity to stick to their health and fitness goals without having to sacrifice the taste of a juicy, delicious MOOYAH burger. We proudly offer vegetarian, gluten-free, low calorie, Keto and Paleo-friendly options in all of our MOOYAH franchise locations. It’s just one more way to show how much we care about our Guests!

The NRN article, which you can read here, focuses on the growing trend toward healthier choices in fast casual dining. As our nation becomes more health-conscious, it is essential to listen to their needs and provide tasty alternatives to satisfy the unique requirements of each “health tribe,” so that everybody eats happy! We believe in equal-opportunity burger enjoyment, and want to give each Guest the BEST burger franchise experience that fits their healthy lifestyle.

Of course, clean eating is more than just a passing fad, as our consumers become more tuned into their dietary needs, they may find it difficult to locate a burger franchise that offers more than just the standard menu of burgers, fries and shakes. Of course, burgers, fries and shakes are what we do BEST. We’ve just stepped up our game to be more inclusive of our health-conscious population. We want to prove that a burger can be light and still taste amazing!

Want to help spread the MOOYAH love across this big, beautiful country? We’re looking for amazing people who want to be part of something more extraordinary than just the basic burger franchise experience. Owning a MOOYAH burger franchise isn’t something just ANY person can do—we need special people who are committed to keeping our brand synonymous with quality ingredients, fresh and customizable choices and just a whole lot of FUN for everyone! Click here to visit our dedicated franchise page and learn more about the MOOYAH burger franchise opportunity, or complete the form below to begin your pre-qualification process!