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The Best Burger Franchises in America Welcome Vegans

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You’d think that a vegan would never set foot in a prime burger joint. Wouldn’t they normally want to turn and run the other way? 

Yeah. Normally. 

But at MOOYAH, we pride ourselves in being above the norm and, believe it or not, vegans can’t seem to get enough of what we have to offer. Take Joshua’s review from Mobile, Alabama, who says:

“I really enjoyed the generous black bean burger with all the toppings.

There are actually a lot of vegans out there. It’s estimated that 1.62 million Americans enjoy the vegan diet and here at MOOYAH, we take that statistic seriously! Our aim is to satisfy every customer, regardless of their dietary preferences. That’s what makes us the best burger franchises in America! We know what our customers want and we aim to give even the most persnickety eater something to rave about…as well as a reason to keep coming back!

best burger franchises in america


Let's do this…TOGETHER. As a newly awarded MOOYAH Franchise Partner, you will start to feel the power of the brand and the support systems from day one. From initial training, to real estate and construction, marketing and ongoing operations – we support you like you’re family. Because, well, you are!

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best burger franchises in america

Our Exceptional Vegan Burger

MOOYAH fans everywhere love the way we load on our toppings. We don’t scrimp when it comes to serving up a properly stacked burger you can barely get your mouth around. That’s when we know we’ve got it just right! And the vegan burger is no exception.

Our vegan option starts with Dr. Praeger’s black bean burger, created by two heart surgeons with a passion for providing exceptionally healthy food. Add thick wedges of avocado, layers of sauteed mushroom and grilled onion, topped with crispy lettuce and a slice of juicy tomato. Squeeze on a spread of BBQ sauce and sandwich all that between a potato bun and you’ve got yourself the most tempting vegan burger to be found anywhere!

Only the Best, Whatever You Order

Your stand-by burger of choice may be our original classic, made with 100% Certified Angus Beef®️, garden fresh veggies stacked to please on our non-GMO homemade buns. Or it might be the Paleo burger complete with applewood smoked bacon. Some choose to go with the keto burger, the low calorie option, the turkey burger, or the gluten-free!  


Here at MOOYAH, it’s all about pleasing the customer and satisfying their hunger in a way that works for them. It’s not just the burgers we’re so selective about either. Customers can’t get enough of our hand-cut Idaho potato fries, our huge selection of tasty sauces, or our thick, real ice cream shakes either.

This is what makes us one of the best burger franchises in America.

hamburger franchise
hamburger franchise

Become a Proud Owner Today

All it takes to step behind your own MOOYAH counter is a love for good all-American food, a strong work ethic with a desire to bring your community the best burger franchise around, and a little collateral. The rest is easy! Our franchise owners are backed by exceptional support at every phase of development and feel like they’re part of the MOOYAH family once they’re on board. Sink your teeth into the rewarding experience of owning one of the best burger franchises in America by inquiring with us today!



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