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The Best Burger Franchises in America are Loved World Wide

The Wide-Spread Reach of MOOYAH

You know that craving you get for a fresh, juicy burger with hot fries on the side? Maybe a thick, creamy, strawberry shake to top it all off? Even if you’re a long way from home, you don’t have to look far to find what suits your taste buds at one of our many MOOYAH locations. With more than 75 stores in the continental US, you’ll bump into one of our places anywhere from Billings, Montana to El Paso, Texas. You’ll also find us in the midwest at our Maryville, Missouri store and as far east as Rochester, New Hampshire! People are satisfying their cravings all throughout the country with MOOYAH’s help–the best burger franchises in America!

We’re also spreading our burger love internationally, with stores in Vancouver, Canada, and as far away as Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain in the Middle East. How cool is that?! And our reach keeps growing as new locations are being constantly considered. What makes such growth sustainable? Well, it’s one part premium quality food and two parts spread the love! Our customer and Franchise Owner support systems mean everyone’s needs are met – from the picky eaters who walk through our doors to the Franchise Owner who has questions about an order or a marketing idea. Our eagerness to serve and to help where we can are MOOYAH’s trademarks of success.

Best Burger Franchises in America

So Many to Choose From!

When it comes to burgers and you think, You’ve tried one, you’ve tried ‘em all, then you probably haven’t seen our menu line-up. We have enough unique burger options to match any diet out there, making MOOYAH one of the best burger franchises the USA has ever seen. We’ve got gluten-free options, a vegetarian burger featuring black beans, and a paleo burger to satisfy all kinds of appetites! Served with only the best ingredients, like 100% Certified Angus Beef®️, hand-cut fries, real ice cream shakes and all-beef hot dogs, quality is the name of our game. Always kept fresh and never frozen, MOOYAH serves up homemade burgers far and wide. Our fries are reputed to be the best you can find, probably due to our 6-step, 24-hour careful frying process. Between our delicious in-house sauces and alternative bun selections, customers can mix and match all they want to create just the combination they’re looking for.

burger franchises usa

The reason we choose MOOYAH is [that] we liked the simplicity of the brand - burgers, fries, and shakes. And they [are] really good at it.

Jason Kullman

The corporate office [and] everybody from the top on down is like family...we have great support and great feedback.

Kaleb Duong

Do I get to have a lot of fun in this business? Absolutely I do!

Lucas Bergeson

MOOYAH sets itself apart from all the other burger places in so many ways...I am so proud of our product, it's amazing.

Loren Katzman

I think we are headed in a great direction, we are able to see good profitability at both of [our] stores...The product we have is second to none in the Fast Casual burger industry.

Josh Bergeson

In one word, if I had to describe being a MOOYAH owner, I’d say it's exciting.

Bailey McGuire

burger franchises usa

Did You Say Fun?

MOOYAH’s stores are anything but ordinary. So many components add to our atmosphere, be it the upbeat music bopping in the background, the hi-tech cloud-based POS system, or our modern, updated restaurant design. The friendly service helps too, and customers love the mouth-watering flavors of our menu. When it comes to the best burger franchises in the USA, MOOYAH is leading the way.

If you can see yourself jumping at the chance to join the best burger franchises in america, submit a query with us today and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible! We’d be happy to have you join our team.


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