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Why We are the Best Burger Franchises in the USA

There are plenty of options when it comes to burger franchises in the USA. How do you know which one is the best?

Well, at MOOYAH we believe that it’s best to put your investment where the MOOLAH is. Our award winning franchise has been leading the better burger concept since 2007. Franchise Owners have profited generously thanks to our solid business plan and robust support program. On average, each location brings in $802,208 in annual sales, with top locations reaching $1.3+ million.

Are you hungry for a taste of the MOOLAH?

 We’ve been able to generate such positive numbers with our attention to detail. The product we offer is simply better than that of our competitors and our customers know it. Our burger patties are made from 100% Certified Angus Beef®, topped with fresh vegetables, and served between in-house baked buns. Paired with hand cut Idaho potato French fries and 100% real ice cream milkshakes, there is no doubt that our meals are tasty. We never sacrifice flavor and our customers know they can count on us for a burger that is consistently delicious. With three streams of revenue to push our 5-star menu through, Franchise Owners have plenty of opportunities to crush sales. If you’re interested in bringing the best burger franchise in the USA to your community, there are territories available for investment nationwide. 

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The MOOYAH Difference

After perfecting the burger, our next step was developing a franchise model that supported our investors’ road to success. Each individual MOOYAH location is a chance for us to strengthen our brand name and boost our overall net-worth. With this in mind, we decided to develop a franchise that was simple, scaleable, and defined by teamwork. As a MOOYAH Franchise Owner, you’ll benefit from a business model that is:

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Low Risk, High Reward

The AUV mentioned above shows you just how rewarding MOOYAH can be. The investment? A range of $402,750 – 564,400 covers all the basics needed to get your USA burger franchise up and running. Low start up costs + the possibility of high returns = MOOLAH baby.

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Though our menu has a variety of options, we stick to three main products: burger, fries, and shakes. This means a simple menu, fast orders, and an uncomplicated kitchen. Simplicity is a prerequisite to scalability, and MOOYAH does wonderfully as a multi-location investment for those interested.

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Undeniably Fun

Work is work in every business except MOOYAH. We have fun, we tell jokes, we eat good food. You won’t find another burger franchise as fun as we are.

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Community Driven

While making money is a key driver for most investors, at MOOYAH we understand the fulfillment that comes from giving back. Our business is community focused and all Franchise Owners will have a chance to participate in fundraisers, charities, and other philanthropic activities that will benefit their local communities. 


The question you should be asking is, “What Makes MOOYAH better?” Here are a few of our key differentiators that help our brand continue grow in popularity:

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Never-frozen, 100% Certified Angus Beef®, all-natural Jennie-O Turkey, black bean veggie burger, & 100% all-beef hot dogs. Non-GMO potato and multigrain wheat buns baked in-house daily. Hand-Cut Fries made from No.1 Idaho Potatoes in a 6-step, 24-hour process. Premium sauces, 100% real ice cream shakes with premium toppings, including Hershey’s® Chocolate, Oreo®, and Reese’s®.

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While many better burger brands have a “city feel” and cater to urban residents and transplants, MOOYAH puts its roots in suburban communities where it partners with schools, churches, sports leagues, and other community groups and ensures our restaurants are a welcoming environment for all people.

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MOOYAH was an early adopter of new technology and has a strong focus on providing technological solutions for both franchise partners and Guests, including a cloud-based POS system coupled with back-end third-party analytics that includes an inventory management program and a labor management program, all hosted on an online portal and a mobile app for partners on the go.

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Guests can call the shots on what the perfect burger should look like. From five real cheeses, bacon, avocado, and 20 free sauces and toppings made from garden-fresh veggies, we offer a simple menu that is fully customizable.

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MOOYAH’s store designs are bright, inviting, and family-friendly, featuring moveable tables, comfortable booths and a chalkboard drawing wall for kids and kids-at-heart.

Ready to make a difference in your life with MOOYAH? Contact us today to get started.


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