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What Makes our Burger Franchise Different?

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There are nearly 140,000 burger joints in the United States. As America’s favorite meal, the hamburger represents freshness, quality, and deliciousness. Unfortunately, many burger restaurants have tarnished this image with mystery meats and other low quality ingredients. The boom of fast food in the USA led to a significant decrease in food quality. The emergence of the Fast Casual industry in recent years, however, has revived the demand for quality ingredients. Consumers want fresh ingredients and transparent menus.

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MOOYAH is a burger franchise that has taken advantage of these consumer demands by reshaping the burger. Instead of the sad, soggy options found at McDonald’s and Burger King, MOOYAH offers customers a “better burger.” Made with 100% Certified Angus Beef®, crisp veggies, and non-GMO in-house baked buns, our burger is one of the best. We stand by our customers’ demands for quality food because we are burger lovers ourselves. No one should have to suffer through the disaster that fast food restaurants have declared is a burger. America deserves better. MOOYAH, the top burger franchise in the industry, offers the best.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Hamburger Franchise

Learn why MOOYAH is right for you!

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For just $402,750 – $564,400 you can join the MOOYAH burger franchise. This investment includes: franchise fee, training, rent and leasehold improvements, furniture and fixtures, computers and software, inventory and supplies, uniforms, license and permits, and grand opening expenses. Talk about a bang for your buck! With a small initial investment, you’ll get everything you need to run a successful business plus the rights to our incredible branding and solid business plan. .

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MOOYAH has incredible economic indicators. We serve quality, preferred ingredients in a lucrative industry through two streams of revenue. Our business model has shown yearly growth, and our AUV is a staggering $802,208 with top 10% of franchise owners earning $1+ million annually! With such a small investment and incredibly high sales, you can expect a very quick ROI. Talk about low risk, high reward! At MOOYAH, we love the MOOLAH.

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When you decide to open a burger franchise, you are taking control of your life. No more clocking in and clocking out for the man, because with MOOYAH you are the man! Owning a franchise means you get to make the schedules and hire the managers so you can take a more relaxed schedule. From young entrepreneurs to seasoned retirees, our current owners love the flexibility that owning a burger franchise brings them.

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As a MOOYAH owner, you will be working for yourself but never by yourself! Our support package includes: real estate and construction, marketing and advertising, operational support, accounting and financial coaching, annual meetings and frequent site visits, and ongoing assistance. There’s no “i” in MOOYAH and we work as a team to make the MOOLAH.

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If lots of MOOLAH, flexibility, independence, and support don’t do you in, we know this last one will. By investing into a burger franchise like MOOYAH, you are investing into your future. If you dream of early retirement, support for your generations, or the freedom to pursue different business ventures, franchising is a good way to get there as it builds capital quickly, teaches you business knowledge, and is a great way to network with other business minded individuals.

Unique MOOYAH Locations

How else do we stand out in the hamburger franchise industry? Besides the best “better burger,” each MOOYAH location has:

  • Personality – A step up from the dingy environment of fast food burger joints and nowhere near as stuffy as a dine-in restaurant, the ambiance of MOOYAH is bright, fun, and relaxed. Our burger franchise locations are welcoming and exciting. In 2020, many locations will be undergoing modern renovations. As a Franchise Owner, you’ll benefit from the latest MOOYAH design when you build out your location.

  • Options – Our menu is full of variety to please even the pickiest of eaters. With gluten free and vegetarian options, there’s something for everyone. Each menu item is crafted with the same care and quality ingredients as our signature burgers. What’s for dessert? 100% real ice cream milkshakes!

  • Community Focus – MOOYAH burger franchises are suburban based and community focused. We service families, schools, churches, and sports teams. A welcoming environment for everyone, our restaurants establish a family feel for fun, laughter, and good eating. Each location also features charity projects that give back to the local community they reside in. As a MOOYAH Burger Franchise Owner, you’ll get to experience the benefits of a career that is both profitable and fulfilling.

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Let's do this…TOGETHER. As a newly awarded MOOYAH Franchise Partner, you will start to feel the power of the brand and the support systems from day one. From initial training, to real estate and construction, marketing and ongoing operations – we support you like you’re family. Because, well, you are!

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Join our Better Burger Franchise Today

best burger franchises in america

What’s in it for you when you sign up to join the MOOYAH team? An AUV of $802,208 (with the top 10% of locations topping $1.3 million), training and mentorship, program oversight, ongoing support, and a top spot in the $52 billion Fast Casual industry. We didn’t become a million dollar hamburger joint over night – our leadership team has worked hard to establish dominance in the hamburger franchise industry. By supporting the Franchise Owners that join our team, we have been able to sustain our success. Contact us today to learn more about our Better Burger Franchise.


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