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It is no longer a question about how, if, or when the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect the foodservice industry here in the United States. As we’ve seen, all across the nation restaurants are having to close off their dining rooms which is even happening in areas where it hasn’t yet been mandated by local governments. The main question now, is how are restaurants going to handle the problem and evolve within the industry? While, unfortunately, a burger franchise like MOOYAH is not immune to the impact of the Coronavirus, we have always made it a point to be ahead of the curve when it comes to other restaurants in the industry — and today is no different.

Many restaurants across the U.S. continue to shutter their dine-in locations with an unfortunate number of restaurants having to close outright. Other restaurants, still, are switching to carry-out and delivery only options as a way to stay afloat. For MOOYAH, not only have we already had these options implemented into our business model, but we actually have been working on a smaller footprint of store that have these options in mind – Read more about our smaller footprint store.

You can view the FUTURE or MOOYAH in the video below:



As you can see, we aren’t messing around. We are far and away ahead of other burger franchise opportunities that fall into the Fast Casual industry and/or the restaurant industry. In addition to our current evolution, we have also decided to offer free delivery to our Guests who use our rewards app to order or for those who order online at, now through the end of March. Our President, Tony Darden, hopes that this will help not only MOOYAH itself, but that it will help our Franchise Owners, their employees, their families and their communities. In an interview with Fast Casual, Tony stated, “We responded quickly and are offering free delivery from our rewards app and online ordering site through at least March 31st, and our guests are taking advantage of it. We appreciate their business, now more than ever.”

We would also like to point out that despite the impact that the Coronavirus has had on the U.S., and on the world as a whole, our plan for new franchising locations remains on track. While we will continue to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines related to restaurants, we also recognize two things as truths:

  1. What is currently going on in the world is temporary. Things will normalize for everybody and people will go back to their usual day-to-day routines.
  2. With one caveat, people are going to be ready to be back in public, socializing, and enjoying great food! After a crisis like this, the restaurant industry tends to THRIVE.

Take a look at some of these graphs that have shown how much restaurants have changed from the Great Recession to just a couple of years ago:

Number of Restaurants:


Monthly Restaurant Sales:


Restaurant Workers as a Percent of Total Employment:



Here at MOOYAH, we know that times of uncertainty can be scary and they can be challenging. We are here to tell you, though, that over the last 13 years, we have not only survived, but we have thrived! And we will continue to do so! As mentioned previously, what is currently going on is only temporary and as things get back to normal, MOOYAH will be at the forefront of making sure that Guests and communities have a place to go, a burger franchise restaurant that they can call their own, and a SERIOUSLY FUN time!


For more information on how you can join the greatest burger franchise in the world, otherwise known as MOOYAH, please visit our franchise site! Remember – Franchising with MOOYAH is more than just making MOOLAH – it’s about family, community, and fun!

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