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Is a Burger Franchise a Good Investment Opportunity?

Burger Franchises USA

We are part of the $52 billion fast casual food industry.

Americans eat an average of 50 billion hamburgers a year, meaning that burger joints are the leaders of this lucrative industry. If you’re interested in the Fast Casual industry, a burger franchise is the best investment you could make. While there are hundreds of other food categories in the industry – ethnic, pizza joints, ice cream shops – a hamburger joint is the only restaurant that’s guaranteed to survive. While some flavors reach fad status here and there, nothing is as consistent as America’s love for a hamburger and fries. You could say it’s America’s favorite meal! Pair that famous duo with a creamy milkshake and you’ll be in business until the end of time. It safe to say, then, that a burger franchise is a great investment.


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The burger is a staple in the American diet. For decades, it has sat as top dog as the most in-demand meal that we love to keep coming back for.

Today, Americans eat approximately 50 BILLION hamburgers a year. In fact, 71% of all beef eaten in a restaurant is placed between a hamburger bun. This doesn’t mean that you are able to take any sort of beef, cook it, and throw it between a bun, though. Quite the contrary as now, 3 out of 5 consumers want to know where their beef came from, and 68% of this group is comprised of millennials who currently make up the biggest generation.

MOOYAH offers the best burger franchises USA ever had because it hits on both of these key demands from customers, with our sole use of Certified Angus Beef® in every burger. This Angus brand is the world’s first premium brand of black Angus beef, designated by meeting 10 science-based specifications that are more selective than USDA Prime, Choice and Select. Only 3 in 10 black Angus cattle meet the brand’s high standards. This is just one reason we continue to grow in popularity, and lead the “better burger” segment.





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Our love for the hamburger runs deep

We believe that America deserves the best hamburger possible and so we set out to create a burger franchise that never sacrifices quality or flavor. With 100% Certified Angus Beef®, fresh and crisp veggies, hand cut fries, and creamy real ice cream milkshakes, our menu never disappoints. This dedication to creating the perfect hamburger has allowed us to find astonishing success as a hamburger franchise.

Our food is the best. This is a seriously fun business to run. WE’RE LIVING THE LIFE BABY!
Khai & Kaleb Duong
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Numbers That Top the Charts

Just how successful is MOOYAH, are you wondering?

Well if a location average of $802,208 in annual sales doesn’t seem enough, our top 10% of locations bring in an astonishing $1.3 million. In hamburger sales! (We weren’t lying when we said the hamburger was America’s favorite meal). If these numbers have you excited, it gets even better. The initial investment required to open your very own MOOYAH burger franchise is an incredibly low $402,750 – $564,400. These fantastic unit economics mean that you can potentially expect a very quick ROI and many years of continued success. While new food creations hit the industry daily, there’s no dish in the world that will ever knock the hamburger out of its beloved position as America’s #1 meal.

The American consumer has gone absolutely wild for our menu and we have quickly expanded to over 70 locations in the mainland USA and 12 international locations. We set out to create a meal that pleased our fellow Americans but the world has taken note too! Are you ready to join our rapidly expanding family?


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Invest in Success With our Burger Franchise

Don’t waste any more time wondering which Fast Casual franchise is the best investment. MOOYAH and the hamburger are your ticket to success. When you invest in our hamburger franchise, you’ll gain access to a whole network of successful and like-minded individuals. Our team is lively, loud, and hard working. If you’re ready to find success and support in a successful (and tasty) industry, our burger franchise is looking to expand with business-savvy entrepreneurs. Reach out to us today to inquire about the juicy details.


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