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The MOOYAH burger franchise operates more like a family than a typical corporation. As a hamburger franchise devoted to providing great food and FUN in a family-friendly atmosphere, it’s no surprise that our own Team Members place a lot of emphasis on giving back to their communities. After all, doing good for others and making our neighborhoods a better place is what we’re all about!

Our Marketing Manager, Pam Parham, joined the MOOYAH team last year and brought an organization called Feed My Starving Children to our attention. Having volunteered for FMSC for years, Pam realized that MOOYAH’s commitment to making a difference would make a great fit. Pam introduced us to an annual back-to-school tradition that all began when she wanted to teach her young daughters the importance of helping people.

“About seven years ago, I observed that my daughters were spending their summers going to camp, vacations and just lying around the house,” recalls Pam. “I wanted them to do some volunteer work that allowed children their age to actively participate.” 

A quick online search for volunteer opportunities in the Dallas area led her to Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing nutritionally complete meals for malnourished children worldwide. As it happened, Pam’s local FMSC chapter was just about to begin its annual packing drive, in which boxes full of food would be packed and sent to families in countries all over the world. 

“The timing for their mobile pack units was every August, right before school starts, in Dallas,” says Pam. “Through the years, we made it an end of summer tradition and brought friends along to participate to get service hours.”

Upon joining the MOOYAH corporate office in June 2018, Pam saw that there was an opportunity to get the MOO Crew involved with the packing efforts for FMSC. As a service-oriented hamburger franchise, MOOYAH is always on the lookout for ways to help out in each community we serve, but until Pam arrived on the scene, we hadn’t found a service project that combined team-building and philanthropy.  Pam rallied the troops to participate in the annual August 2018 drive, and was delighted to see how well everyone in the MOOYAH corporate office came together. “The leadership was thrilled to participate and allow a day for the entire MOO Crew Support Center to spend a few hours packing rice and veggies for starving children around the world,” says Pam.

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The extra manpower wasn’t the only way the MOOYAH hamburger franchise family pitched in to help FMSC. Along with a local Franchise Owner and his family, the MOOYAH corporate team sponsored the event by feeding the staff and volunteers delicious, mouth-watering MOOYAH burgers, fries, & shakes for lunch! 

This past August, the MOO Crew once again sponsored a lunch for the volunteers and spent a few hours putting together 24 boxes containing the ingredients to make 5,184 meals for starving children. Pam is happy to say that the MOOYAH corporate office is on board to go above and beyond every year, and possibly even more frequently, thanks to a new permanent packing facility that FMSC opened last year in the Dallas suburb of Richardson. “We plan to continue with this tradition going forward perhaps more often than every August, now that there’s a permanent facility nearby,” she says.

Pam’s commitment to her volunteer work led her to share her annual family tradition with us, and we couldn’t be happier! At MOOYAH, we love making a difference on both a local and global level, and appreciate the opportunity to help give back. Thanks to Pam’s great suggestion, the MOO Crew is now able to share a team-building activity that not only brings us closer together as a hamburger franchise family, but also helps bring much-needed food to children all over the world. As an organization founded on seriously good food that brings families together, the FMSC packing drive is an event after our own hearts!

Are you looking into burger franchise opportunities that allow you to give back to others, support local charities and foundations, and cement yourself as a leader in your community? Sure, you could look into Five Guys, Smashburger, or other popular hamburger franchise opportunities, but you probably won’t find the same level of dedication to food, family and FUN that makes MOOYAH America’s Better Burger franchise. We are 100% committed to making the world a better place, one delicious burger, fry & shake at a time. Want to join us on our mission to bring high-quality burgers to people all over the U.S.? Complete the form below to get started on our no-obligation pre-qualification process, or visit our website to get more info about who we are, what we do, and what makes us the country’s BEST hamburger franchise!