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Working for Yourself: Burger Franchise Opportunities

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MOOYAH is the best burger franchise for sale in the fast casual food industry. A $52 billion a year industry, fast casual restaurants are very popular within today’s quick moving society. As today’s consumers become busier and busier, they demand fast and ready options. That doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice taste or quality, however. Today’s more health conscious consumers are constantly paying more for premium ingredients, which has been reflected in the market. Fast casual joints that offer better products consistently outperform those that offer sub-par, frozen, and tasteless ingredients. MOOYAH is a burger and shake joint that only serves fresh, never frozen Certified Angus Beef® along with freshly cut potato fries and premium veggies. So, if you’re considering the various burger franchise opportunities, MOOYAH is a top choice.

Burger Franchise Opportunities
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Why You’ll Love MOOYAH

Here are the reasons why MOOYAH offers the best new burger franchises.
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Our burger business franchise owners feel great about the philanthropic opportunities they have to give back to their communities, through partnerships with your local churches, schools, sports organizations or charities. At MOOYAH, making a difference is just as important as making a buck. Our Average Unit Volume is a strong $802,208 and our Top 25% of Franchise Owners average $1,148,462.

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We’re a place where Certified Angus Beef ® and a chalkboard drawing wall can comfortably coexist. Because we believe having high-quality food doesn’t require you to have a low-quality personality. Put simply, our Franchise Owners believe that making seriously good food doesn’t have to be such serious business.

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While we provide ample variety within each category, our core menu consists of three main products – burgers, fries & shakes. This allows us to maintain a streamlined kitchen and restaurant option. In other words, simplicity creates fewer frowns, and more high-fives!

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With the best new burger franchises, MOOYAH has spent the better part of the last decade focused on keeping our build-out costs low, without restricting our ability to create high-quality, beautiful and fun restaurants. Lower build-out costs mean faster ROIs. Boom!

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The typical 9 to 5 desk job can get pretty old, pretty quick. The constant clocking in and clocking out, inflexible scheduling, limited vacation time, and minimal salary becomes frustrating. In our growing global economy, many employees are shifting out of these traditional work roles and into freelance or start up businesses. There’s a lot of risk involved in taking this step however, and even those with the most passionate entrepreneurial spirit don’t feel confident enough to take the plunge. If you find yourself in this position, then a burger franchise for sale is your solution! As a franchisee, you can reap all the benefits of business ownership (flexibility, independence, and high profitability) without any of the inherent risks associated with traditional business ownership.

Almost half of every new business fails. And that is because most new businesses require substantial upfront investments, a lot of work, and many unpredicted problems arise early in a new business. When you partner with a franchise, you are partnering with success. Franchisors have already succeed with their business and have developed a recipe for success for potential franchisees. That means when you join a franchise, you don’t have to encounter the typical trials and tribulations of business ownership – the problems have already been solved. All you have to do is follow the recipe for success. MOOYAH is one of the most successful burger franchise opportunities. There are over 70 locations within the United States and the brand now has international recognition with 12 foreign locations. MOOYAH is all about the MOOLAH, we like to say. With our top 25% locations averaging $1.1+ million in sales, partnering with MOOYAH means success now and for the future.

Our food is the best. This is a seriously fun business to run. WE’RE LIVING THE LIFE BABY!
Khai & Kaleb Duong
Burger Business For Sale
Burger Franchise For Sale

Join A Burger Business Franchise for the Future

Another benefit of working for yourself as a franchise owner are the doors that it opens both financially and career wise. With a highly successful brand like MOOYAH, you can expect high profits which makes for a comfortable future and the possibility of early retirement. Everything you learn as an owner – business know how, networking, management – also opens the door for future business opportunities. So, if you’re looking for some MOOLAH, some stellar career experience, or both, then contact us today.


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