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Last month, we welcomed Charles and Lavondra Coleman to the MOOYAH burger franchise family, and we’re proud to say they’re generating some serious buzz in Baton Rouge! The Colemans are gearing up for the grand opening of their first MOOYAH hamburger franchise location, and as they discussed with the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, they are busy scouting out the ideal site for their first MOOYAH restaurant.

In the Business Report article, Charles “Chas” Coleman mentions that he and his wife and business partner are considering three potential existing spaces in Baton Rouge and doing their homework to determine where a new MOOYAH would make the biggest impact. “We’re evaluating where the strongest demand for a better burger product may lie in the city,” Charles told journalist Caitie Burkes in the July 22 article. 

Baton Rouge is already home to one MOOYAH hamburger franchise on Siegen Lane, but the Colemans are confident that their MOOYAH location will be a welcome addition to the city, since as he puts it MOOYAH has “done a good job of keeping up with trends and consumer demands,” something that other burger franchises have not necessarily been doing. Earlier this year, MOOYAH unveiled its line of Lifestyle Burgers to accommodate the special dietary requirements of customers who are on Keto, Paleo, low calorie, vegetarian, or gluten-free diets and lifestyles. This willingness to adapt to emerging health and lifestyle trends is something that puts the MOOYAH burger franchise well ahead of the pack and helps it stand out against competitors who have not yet adjusted their menu offerings to fit the needs of the health-conscious public.

The Colemans are slated to open two additional MOOYAH hamburger franchise locations in the near future and are currently considering sites in Lafayette, Lake Charles and Shreveport. Once Charles and Lavondra are able to successfully launch their first three locations, they are interested in expanding their franchise footprint even further! However, for the moment, Charles and Lavondra have their sights set on the grand opening of their first MOOYAH burger franchise in Baton Rouge, which they say will be taking place shortly after Mardi Gras (February 25) 2020. Once they have made their final decision about which existing space will be the best MOOYAH location, they will begin their build-out phase with the assistance and support of our world-class corporate team. This is just the first step in what is sure to be an exciting period in the Colemans’ lives!

As we mentioned in our spotlight profile on the Colemans, Charles is an attorney who spent over 20 years as a management and business consulting professional in the utilities industry. Together with Lavondra, Charles embarked on a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures, including a floral shop and a real estate agency. The MOOYAH burger franchise opportunity is the next chapter in the lives of a couple who has already achieved a lifetime of experience and success in business ownership. We are excited to see what Charles and Lavondra will bring to the table as MOOYAH Franchise Owners!

We’re proud to welcome the Colemans into the MOOYAH hamburger franchise family, and look forward to hearing more about their progress as they move forward with the build-out and grand opening of their first MOOYAH restaurant! There’s nothing more exciting than seeing one of our Franchise Owners opening the doors to their new burger franchise on day one and knowing they will be bringing our high-quality food, outstanding customer service and FUN, friendly atmosphere that MOOYAH is known for to their community! We are a close-knit, family-oriented business that LOVES seeing Franchise Owners succeed, and we make it our mission to give them the tools they need to ensure that each MOOYAH burger franchise is destined for greatness. By investing in a MOOYAH hamburger franchise opportunity, entrepreneurs like the Colemans are backed by strong initial and ongoing support from a team of corporate experts, putting them in position to make each location they open a hit!

Do you see yourself at a grand opening of a MOOYAH burger franchise of your own? Today’s the day to start! We’re always interested in hearing from people who think they’ve got what it takes to become a MOOYAH Franchise Owner, and we’re in the process of awarding franchises to folks in select territories. Visit our franchise website to learn more about the MOOYAH franchise model, or complete the form below to get started on the road to MOOYAH hamburger franchise ownership, just like Charles and Lavondra Coleman did!
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