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We’re excited to introduce you to MOOYAH’s newest burger restaurant Franchise Owners, Charles and Lavondra Coleman! Charles and Lavondra will be opening their Baton Rouge, Louisiana location soon. We were able to catch up with the Colemans and find out more about them, including what made them choose to invest in the MOOYAH hamburger franchise opportunity.

Louisiana natives Charles and Lavondra have known they wanted to own a franchise for quite some time. As Charles puts it, “It’s been a plan of ours for years, since we got married, that at some point we were going to move into entrepreneurship 100 percent. We were fans of the franchise model and we wanted to be in food service because we both really enjoy working and interacting with people.” During his 21-year career in the utilities industry, Charles worked primarily in management, spending the last four years leading an internal business consulting organization. In addition to his primary career, Charles, along with Lavondra have participated in several entrepreneurial ventures, including a flower shop that. According to Lavondra, this was the first time she realized that her own passion for owning a business matched that of her husband. “When I first met (Charles), I didn’t have an entrepreneurial mind,” she recalls. “I knew I liked certain things, I was good with custom floral design, and he actually talked me into opening my own floral shop. He helped me with everything, the business side, and coming in and lending a hand as well.”

After their success with their first joint business venture, the couple went on to own a real estate franchise that also proven prosperous. In addition to owning successful businesses, Charles continued building his career in utilities, and even became a licensed attorney! As Lavondra put it, Charles’ hobbies include “working, working…and um WORKING!” Charles admits, “My life has been working seven days a week for the last 10 years.” In addition to building several successful business ventures, Charles and Lavondra have built a loving family with their two teenage children — a 14-year-old daughter and a 19-year-old son who currently attends Charles’ alma mater, Louisiana Tech.

It was the Colemans’ son who convinced them to look into the MOOYAH hamburger franchise in the first place, as the couple was completing their due diligence on other restaurant franchise opportunities. Charles remembers, “We started shopping around and our son said, ‘I don’t know why you’re looking at that other franchise, you should be looking at MOOYAH.’ So we jumped in our car, went and had a burger, and since then I was interested in the brand.”

After thoroughly researching the MOOYAH burger restaurant franchise opportunity, Charles and Lavondra decided to move forward, primarily due to the refreshing differences between MOOYAH and other burger franchise opportunities available in the Fast Casual industry. Charles was especially impressed by the MOOYAH burger franchise’s commitment to its employees, its leadership and its highly visible customer focus. “The only Fast Casual brands that I spoke with were great brands that were having success, but they were heavily involved in operations… how to fix a burger, how to slice a pizza,” he explained.  “From my experience, operations are a very important part of a business but it’s only one part. When I spoke with MOOYAH, there was a heavy focus on operations but an equal commitment to maximize customer satisfaction and the employees. MOOYAH was the complete picture. It’s a brand I’m comfortable with, and I understand the entire approach.”

The transparency and focus on top-notch quality that the MOOYAH hamburger franchise emphasizes was one of the things that made the biggest impression on Charles after he and Lavondra attended their Discovery Day. “I liked the openness that I experienced at Discovery Day,” recalled Charles. “It’s an energized organization and people seem genuinely interested in franchisee growth and success. No ‘sales pitch’ vibe, and it was more of a vibe that they were opening up the hood and letting me look under there and see if it was something I’d want to do.” Thanks to his background, Charles especially appreciated the discussion about MOOYAH’s commitment to making investments in employees and business, saying, “When I learned more about leadership programs and the investments being made, I particularly appreciated that moment.”

Charles and Lavondra are excited to open their first MOOYAH location in coming months, but that’s just the beginning, according to their long-term plan. The couple has set their sights on attaining millionaire status as multi-location MOOYAH burger restaurant Franchise Owners. “Our goal is to be multi-unit operators, and MOOYAH has a 10 year goal to have a certain number of millionaires,” says Charles. “I’m looking forward to the plaque and presentation that has ‘Charles and Lavondra’ on that list.”

As far as short-term goals go, the couple is excited to launch a career that allows them to interact with people and have a good time working each day. “I’m looking forward to getting out into the community and interacting with customers,” states Charles, adding, “I enjoyed a great career and corporate America, but I’m looking forward to having some fun as we earn a living. Getting the business up and running, interacting with folks, and having a good time while making a living.”

Lavondra couldn’t agree more, and cites the couple’s partnership and mutual respect for one another as the secret of their past and future entrepreneurial success. “Everything we do, we do it together,” she says. “We get along outside of the business and in the relationship and that’s very important for anyone who is wanting to venture out to something like that. We made a promise that we will always do it together and I know that we’ll be very successful because we’ve been successful thus far!”

Does Charles and Lavondra’s story sound like your own? If you’ve dreamed of embarking on a business venture that puts you at the helm of a fun, customer-oriented hamburger franchise that uses only top-quality, fresh ingredients, the MOOYAH burger restaurant franchise opportunity may be right for you! Please take a moment to complete the form below to learn more about our available franchising opportunities across the United States, or click here to find out more about MOOYAH at our franchise website. We’re taking over the hamburger franchise market, one delicious MOOYAH burger at a time. Now is the time to see if you’ve got what it takes to be part of America’s best burger franchise!