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Make Lots of Moolah With our Cheap Burger Franchise

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If you’re searching for cheap burger franchise opportunities and are considering McDonald’s or Burger King, think again. To open a McDonald’s, you’re looking at an initial investment of over $1 million. That’s right, one million to even get started! That “dollar menu” sure is pricey. Burger King is not much better – investors are required to have a net worth of $1.5 million. What is cheap about these burger franchises is their menu. For a super high investment, all you get to offer customers is mystery meat and frozen, low quality ingredients.

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When it comes to a cheap burger franchise in terms of initial investment, MOOYAH is leading the fast casual industry. Of all the current burger franchise opportunities, MOOYAH is the only hamburger franchise that offers quality food at fair prices. Customers are impressed with our menu prices and potential investors love our low start up costs. For just $402,750 – 564,400, you can own your very own hamburger franchise. For less than half the cost of other burger franchise opportunities, you can open your very own MOOYAH!

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We Love Our Food

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While we’ve earned the “cheap burger franchise” title with our industry low investment costs, that doesn’t mean our product is cheap. At MOOYAH, we serve customers a “better burger” experience with Certified Angus Beef®, fresh veggies, creamy avocado, handmade sauces, and oven baked bread. Our French fries are hand cut, our milkshakes are made with real ice cream. We’ve learned that success begins with simple, real ingredients. That’s why everything we serve is fresh, never frozen and always made to order. The burger is America’s favorite meal and it should be served with love. Unlike the other guys who charge you over a million dollars to serve mystery meats and sad, wilty vegetables, MOOYAH takes the burger experience seriously. We serve a gourmet burger made from quality ingredients in a casual environment. Customers can’t get enough of MOOYAH and our hamburger franchise location owners are raking in the MOOLAH!

When it comes to MOOLAH, we make plenty of it! On average, our stores bring in about $802,208 annually, with the top locations making over $1.3 million. This success is a result of great food, better ingredients, and a simple business plan. If you’re interested in finding success with our cheap burger franchise, we’re interested in hearing from you!

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The burger is a staple in the American diet. For decades, it has sat as top dog as the most in-demand meal that we love to keep coming back for.

Today, Americans eat approximately 50 BILLION hamburgers a year. In fact, 71% of all beef eaten in a restaurant is placed between a hamburger bun. This doesn’t mean that you are able to take any sort of beef, cook it, and throw it between a bun, though. Quite the contrary as now, 3 out of 5 consumers want to know where their beef came from, and 68% of this group is comprised of millennials who currently make up the biggest generation.

MOOYAH hits on both of these key demands from customers, with our sole use of Certified Angus Beef® in every burger. This Angus brand is the world’s first premium brand of black Angus beef, designated by meeting 10 science-based specifications that are more selective than USDA Prime, Choice and Select. Only 3 in 10 black Angus cattle meet the brand’s high standards. This is just one reason we continue to grow in popularity, and lead the “better burger” segment.





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Success Made Easy With a Cheap Burger Franchise

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When you join the MOOYAH team, you’ll never be alone in business. Your initial investment grants you access to our real estate and construction team – we’ll have your MOOYAH location built and open in no time! With Grand Opening marketing, you’ll soon have streams of hungry customers rushing in your doors. Ongoing support is available to all Franchise Owners from day one until forever. We are serious about MOOLAH, and we will do everything we can to support your success and growth. If you’re excited about these cheap burger franchise opportunities, contact us today.

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