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What is the cost to open a MOOYAH?

Our average investment range is $495,918 – $1,168,251: considerably lower than a number of other “better burger” franchise concepts! The initial franchise fee for a single MOOYAH location is $40,000. Additionally, qualified candidates must demonstrate that they have $500,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of at least $1,000,000.

How much MOOLAH can I make?*

Our Average Gross Sales across all locations is $1,021,975, with the top 25% of stores averaging $1,428,826! For more detailed financial information on individual store locations, we invite you to complete our 5-minute Questionnaire to receive our FDD.

*Numbers obtained from our 2023 FDD.

Are there ongoing royalty fees for franchising with MOOYAH?

Yes. Franchise Owners in the MOOYAH system contribute a monthly royalty of 6% of sales. This fee entitles you to continued use of the MOOYAH name and trademarks, access to our operating systems, new product development, ongoing business and marketing consulting, and other benefits that come along with being in the MOOYAH family.

What makes MOOYAH a better franchise investment than other burger or restaurant concepts?

Our long-time endurance and growth in the restaurant industry prove that we continue to have success in franchising. Our competitive build-out costs, highly qualified executive team, and quality food paired with our FUN business model put us ahead in the burger franchise space. 

Additionally, America’s appetite for quality burgers is not slowing down any time soon. In fact, it is on the rise! Now that Five Guys has recently sold out of U.S. franchise territories, there is ample room for a fresh, new, quality- and community-oriented take on the burger restaurant concept: one that offers exceptional service and a superior, gourmet product that will take control of the market.

We have successfully managed to create a “better burger” franchise concept that offers high-end quality food you’d expect in a fine-dining restaurant in a comfortable, welcoming, and above all, SERIOUSLY FUN family hangout! Our friendly approach to bringing premium ingredients to our Guests has made us a hit in the communities we serve, and we’re gearing up to gain more die-hard MOOYAH fans in 2023 with our sleek new restaurant design that elevates the burger experience- without getting rid of the FUN factor!

How do you help me market my MOOYAH restaurant?

Thanks to a combined 120 years of experience in the restaurant and food service industries, the MOOYAH Executive Leadership Team understands the importance of getting the word out about your shiny new MOOYAH location. Our marketing support team provides comprehensive digital, social and traditional marketing solutions. You will have a marketing team to support you and a dedicated in-house Graphic Designer to create custom marketing collateral for your MOOYAH locations. 

How do I find real estate for my new MOOYAH?

Our Real Estate Team will work with you, in conjunction with local real estate brokers, to find the perfect site, negotiate a lease, and get your new MOOYAH up and running.

How many employees will I need to run my MOOYAH burger franchise?

Due to our streamlined, efficient business model, most MOOYAH Franchise Owners operate their stores with an average of only 4-6 employees per shift, including one Manager, up to three cooks, and up to three cashiers.

What kind of Franchise Owner support is provided?

Our world-class Executive Leadership Team is headed up by a veteran Franchise Owner who understands firsthand what a MOOYAH Owner needs in order to be successful. MOOYAH offers Franchise Owners the following types of support:

• Real estate selection • Construction • Initial training • Ongoing operational support • Accounting and financial coaching • Annual meetings • Periodic site visits

Do you offer multi-unit agreements?

We encourage our Franchise Owners to own multiple MOOYAH locations, and offer 3- or 5-pack multi-unit agreements for qualifying candidates.

How long will it take to open my first MOOYAH restaurant after signing my franchise agreement?

There are a number of variables here, including type of store, the length of the lease negotiation process and permitting processes, but on average it takes about 12 months from the date a franchise is awarded to the Grand Opening of a new MOOYAH location.

I have zero experience in the restaurant industry. Am I still eligible to own a MOOYAH franchise?

Absolutely! Our Franchise Owners come to us from all walks of life, and gain the knowledge and experience they will need to successfully run a MOOYAH location through our comprehensive initial training program in Dallas. While we do prefer for our Franchise Owners to have a strong background in business management, they do not necessarily need to be veterans in the food service or restaurant industries. (A healthy obsession with high-quality burgers, fries & shakes is also a plus!)

What initial training will I receive?

New Franchise Owner and General Manager training takes place over four weeks. Over the training period, we provide one week of virtual classroom training, two weeks of shoulder-to-shoulder on-site training in a certified training restaurant and 1 week of on-site training up until opening day. The training will cover the MOOYAH culture, food safety and preparation, the Guest experience, marketing, purchasing and production, POS, data management systems and everything needed to ensure the operational success of new Franchise Owners.

Where do MOOYAH locations work best?

Our ideal location is on an endcap in a family-centric, destination, with high daytime foot traffic, such as a shopping center with a strong anchor and other retail/food co-tenants. We find that MOOYAH locations thrive in suburban communities of larger families with above-average income, and in close proximity to schools, churches, and parks/recreation facilities.

How do I apply for a MOOYAH franchise?

Simply complete our short form to begin your franchise application process. Qualifying candidates will receive a call from a MOOYAH franchise development representative, who will talk with you about our business model, as well as find out more about you!


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