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The Future of MOOYAH Burger Franchise

As the New Year rolls around, everyone is excited, and expectant. Talk of New Year’s Resolutions fill conversation, and nostalgia for the past year makes for pleasant memories. At MOOYAH headquarters, we’ve been reminiscing on our explosive success. Now, with nearly 15 years of experience under our belts, we’ve decided that it’s time for a change. Our New Year’s Resolution is simple – to stay relevant in the ever-changing burger industry. That is why we decided 2020 is the year of MOOYAH 2.0.

What exactly is MOOYAH 2.0?

Well, while our fun branded design that can be found in our current burger franchise has served us well, we’ve undergone a little makeover. MOOYAH 2.0 is our elevated interior design and restaurant layout that is fit for an elevated burger experience. There are 14 new MOOYAH burger franchises set to open in 2020 and they will all feature our sleek new design. Over time, current locations will be renovated to reflect the new style and any future locations will be built out to MOOYAH 2.0 standards. In order to maintain our status as the best burger franchise in the industry, we’ve based our new design off of thorough research. The design team we hired spoke directly with our customers and observed competitor locations while laying out the blueprints for MOOYAH 2.0.

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The new MOOYAH 2.0 burger franchise design will focus on these core elements:

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Quality Dining Experience

The main goal of our new design was to create an atmosphere that matched the high quality of our burgers. Eating a 100% Certified Angus Beef® burger piled high with fresh vegetables, served alongside hand cut Idaho potatoes with a 100% real ice cream milkshake is not a typical burger experience, it’s a better burger experience. We realized that customers may want to linger while slowly enjoying their meal and maybe share the experience with others. Our new design features comfortable booths perfect for a leisurely meal and our high-top tables are community centered, perfect for pulling additional chairs up. Whereas we previously featured an open-kitchen design, all new MOOYAH locations will keep things quieter with an in-closed kitchen.  

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To-Go Pickup Areas

While we love each and every smiling face that comes through our door, we also realize that to-go orders make up a large portion of our revenue. While our old design wasn’t equipped to handle the up-tick in to-go orders since the dawn of third-party delivery apps, MOOYAH 2.0 easily accommodates express orders. Our one-stop pickup counter will cut down on wait times so customers can chow down sooner rather than later.

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Introducing Technology

Accessible technology has been one of the greatest gifts of the 21st century. MOOYAH 2.0 takes advantage of technology to enhance customer experiences. Digital menu boards and kitchen display systems keep orders on schedule.

We are excited to get our new design underway and are looking for talented entrepreneurs to partner with. An investment into the best burger franchise means the benefit of an elevated design, elevated burgers, and an elevated lifestyle.


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