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In the rise of fast food restaurants, the burger – America’s favorite meal, has been treated quite poorly. Many establishments have thrown quality out the window in favor of cheap ingredients. When it comes to places like McDonald’s or Burger King, what should be a delicious meal has become a sad (and questionable) flavorless excuse for lunch. No one should stand for this mistreatment of the nation’s best meal. Exasperation over the frustration of trying to find a good burger led to the creation of the MOOYAH burger franchise – a gourmet burger served in a casual environment.

MOOYAH is one of the leading burger franchise opportunities that is focused on offering customers a “better burger” experience. We love burgers as much as anyone else and so we decided that everyone deserved the opportunity to enjoy a tasty, quality burger. At MOOYAH, we serve patties made only from Certified Angus Beef®. All of our ingredients are fresh, never frozen. Our French fries are hand-cut and fried to crisp, golden brown perfection. Our milkshakes are made with real whole milk. We don’t joke around at MOOYAH – when it comes to serving up America’s favorite meal, we take it seriously. As the only hamburger franchise offering quality ingredients, MOOYAH is recreating the way America eats.

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Our food is the best. This is a seriously fun business to run. WE’RE LIVING THE LIFE BABY!
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A Gourmet Meal at a Fast Food Price

While McDonald’s became famous for its “dollar menu,” its frozen mystery meat can’t compete with a quality burger. And, while you can certainly get a quality and delicious burger from a high end dining restaurant, your wallet will pay the price. At MOOYAH, we decided to create a place where you can enjoy a quality burger for a fair price. We don’t cut corners by selling you frozen, low quality ingredients. You can enjoy your burger in our laid-back, fun environment without having to worry about affording the bill. Where all other burger franchise opportunities either offer poor quality or outlandish prices, MOOYAH is the perfect in-between. If owning a burger franchise has always been your dream, we think you’ll understand our love for a quality burger.

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Over the last decade, we have learned to get spread the good word about MOOYAH throughout the communities we work within. We continue to accomplish this through some pretty sophisticated marketing and PR strategies. As the best burger franchise in the industry, our goal is to ensure that each MOOYAH Franchise Owner capitalizes on this by utilizing the MOOYAH brand power through localized marketing campaigns. It is our mission for each to be deployed perfectly.

Check out some of the most recent appearances of MOOYAH in the media:

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Join the Best Burger Franchise

If you’re excited about Certified Angus Beef® and creamy milkshakes, we’d like to present you an opportunity (almost) as irresistible as a juicy burger. We need passionate, burger-loving entrepreneurs to join our burger franchise. With 79 national and 14 international locations, our gourmet burger experience has been overtaking the world. We are excited about our growth and looking to continue it with qualified individuals. On average, our burger franchise locations bring in $802,208 annually, with the top 10% of locations making over $1.3 million. Talk about success! At MOOYAH, we’ve learned that the secret to success is in the ingredients. If you’re looking at hamburger franchise opportunities, we’ve got one that will satisfy your community and bring you wealth. With corporate support and the backing of the MOOYAH family, you can experience a “better burger” kind of life. Contact us today to learn more!

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