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You already know that investing in a MOOYAH hamburger franchise gives you the chance to infuse a healthy dose of FUN into your workday, interact with incredible people on both sides of the counter and deliver the highest quality burgers, fries and shakes. Our Franchise Owners have quite a few tips for folks who are thinking about investing in the MOOYAH franchise. Here’s what the experts have to say about their time in the MOOYAH family, what they’ve learned and what they are accomplishing next!


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Loren Katzman

2016 Franchisee of the Year
Walnut Creek, CA

Loren Katzman opened her first restaurant with her husband, Michael, in Walnut Creek, CA in September 2012, which was also the first MOOYAH in California. Loren acts as a Development Agent for the Northern California territory mentoring other Franchise Owners.

What is one of the biggest obstacles you face in your restaurants, and how do you overcome it?

The biggest obstacle right now is finding good employees and controlling the labor cost. I have overcome it by paying more and getting creative with how I find talent. I did a job fair and utilized numerous platforms online which got a lot of applications through the door.

What are the biggest factors that have contributed to your success?

It’s a multi-prong thing but the main things are perseverance and instilling a Guest obsession in my teams. My team has this down and know that at the end of the day, it’s no big deal. If someone’s upset with their food, just make them a new burger. It’s about making sure every Guest leaves happy. We learn their names, we keep our store clean—everything we can do to give our Guests an amazing experience. 

What advice do you have for a Franchise Partner who is looking to build sales at their restaurant?

Number one, make sure you’re serving great food every single time. I also always ask people to come back as they’re leaving and to tell their friends about us. I work with my Guest Specialists to teach them to upsell and offer extras with each order. And of course, delivering an overall great experience is key. We clear trays, get refills, we do everything and I think doing all of that all the time builds business. 


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Patrick Guay & Phil Howells

2017 Simply Better Award Winner & 2016 Rookies of the Year
Northborough, MA, Mansfield, CT, Newington, CT

Patrick Guay, a marketing executive, and Phil Howells, a dentist, were neighborhood friends who noticed their community was lacking a family-friendly burger restaurant. So they decided to partner up and open MOOYAH in Northborough, MA, the first location in the state. Shortly after, they acquired 2 locations in Connecticut—one in Newington and the other on-campus at the University of Connecticut.

What originally attracted you to the MOOYAH hamburger franchise opportunity?

The fact that it was different – a different concept from the other QSR and Fast Casual brands in the area. We were the first in Massachusetts, so that was a factor. The size of the company was advantageous as well – there was opportunity for involvement in the build-out process, the training and the operations process. We felt that it was very hands-on.

What advice do you have for other MOOYAH Franchise Partners considering purchasing an existing restaurant?

There are really two pieces of advice I have: Part 1- We went from 0-60 in 9 months (1 restaurant to 3 restaurants). When scaling, make sure you have your existing location rock solid before you start to expand. We certainly don’t regret the opportunity, but wish I had more time to work through the details before expanding.

Part 2- Really understand the local taxes and health codes. In a new town, there are different regulations that you don’t know about. Spend time with the local government to make sure you understand the regulations before you buy a restaurant in an area that is new to you. It’s also important to make sure to get a technician to look at all the equipment that is already in your restaurant to understand how much money you may need to set aside to repair or keep up with existing appliances in the restaurant.

What marketing initiatives have contributed to your MOOYAH locations’ long-term sales growth?

We have tried many things, but we don’t have the formula down quite yet. MOOYAH Twoyah is a very successful program that has gotten a cult following at our UCONN location. When new students get a tour of the campus, MOOYAH is a stop on the campus tour! The same promotion in Northborough did not gain traction, so we started to run a family night on Thursdays that has a balloon artist and kids shake deals. Really pay attention to your location’s demographics when deciding on marketing tactics – it isn’t one size fits all. Business to business and household mailers have been very successful in bringing in new business as well. Fundraisers can be hit or miss as far as the traffic goes – but it’s really up to the organizer to spend the time with us to make sure the event is successful. You have to put in the work to have a successful fundraiser turnout.


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Jason Kullman & Family

2014 Franchisees of the Year
5-unit Texas Franchise Partners in Plano, Flower Mound, Southlake, Austin & Round Rock

The Kullman family opened their first franchise location in Flower Mound, TX in May 2010. Within the next few years, they expanded throughout Texas and currently operate 5 locations. Jason brings over 10 years of restaurant management experience and is very involved in the day-to-day operations of the Kullman family’s MOOYAH locations. 

The family’s hands-on approach and attention to detail has contributed to their ongoing success.

How do you find people to interview and hire?

We try to tap our existing employees – our good employees’ friends are usually a good bet. For management, I reach out to people I trust in the restaurant industry from different concepts to give a good referral. I typically do this before trusting Indeed.

What advice do you have for a Franchise Partner who is looking to build sales at their restaurant?

Get a solid General Manager and pay them what they’re worth. Don’t go cheap on the GM – they are worth every dollar you spend on them because they have a huge impact on your team and your restaurant.


As you can see, members of the MOOYAH family are 100 percent committed to delivering a quality experience to each customer they serve. Their dedication to the craft of providing the Better Burger experience is a huge part of what makes MOOYAH America’s best burger franchise! If you think you’re ready to begin a rewarding and FUN career (and have the opportunity to make some serious MOOLAH), we want to talk to you! Visit our burger franchise website here, or complete the form below to pre-qualify for a MOOYAH franchise opportunity.

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