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Starting a Hamburger Franchise with a Partner

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MOOYAH’s low risk, high reward opportunity is open to sole investors and business partnerships. Whether you are looking to venture into business for the first time or are an accomplished and experienced Franchise Owner, a partnership is useful for various reasons. Those interested in investing into our hamburger franchise with one or more partners will benefit from:

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Shared Costs

MOOYAH understands that an investor’s number one concern is the MOOLAH. That’s why we’ve worked hard to keep our investment costs low. To get one location up and running, the costs range from $402,750-$564,400. Splitting initial costs between one or more partners frees up more capital, which is great for those interested in multi-location models. Whether you go with one hamburger franchise or multiple, the investment costs cover the basics needed to get you started.

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Additional Support

In addition to sharing finances, you can also split the workload with your partner. Running a business can be hard work, particularly when you’re doing it alone. With another set of hands it will be easier to accomplish important tasks and stay on schedule.

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Twice the Experience

Maybe you love our 100% Certified Angus Beef® and your dream is to open your very own MOOYAH so your local community can experience our juicy, tasty burgers. But you aren’t sure your background in finance and management is enough because you’ve never worked in the service industry. Enter your partner who has experience managing restaurants and is a customer service wizard. Now, that’s a dream team! With a partner, you’ll have someone to pick up your slack and vice versa. At MOOYAH, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work. With double the experience, skills, and resources, running a burger franchise is a breeze.

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Burger Business

Work Life Balance

While owning a MOOYAH burger franchise is a career that’s marked by fun and delicious food, we understand that everyone needs a break sometimes. With a partner, you’ll be afforded a better work life balance. Between the two of you, scheduling should be more flexible, ensuring each partner has time for family and personal life.

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While sole investors have done well with MOOYAH burger franchise, we are always open to partnerships looking to join our team.

At MOOYAH, we are one big family and the more, the merrier. In addition to the assistance you receive from your partner, when you join MOOYAH you’ll also be able to take advantage of our support program. Real estate, construction, and initial training will prepare you for Grand Opening while ongoing support will be available in areas such as marketing and operations.

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If you are looking for a lucrative opportunity for you and your business partner, MOOYAH is a hamburger franchise that has open territories across the nation. We are looking to partner with qualified entrepreneurs as we continue expanding. Both sole investors and partnerships are welcome. Are you ready to join our team? Contact us today to learn more.


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