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Lucas and Josh Bergeson (owners of the new Sun Prairie location in Wisconsin, which opened on March 25) are no strangers to the QSR franchise business. The brothers grew up around the franchising industry, as their father owned multiple Subway locations. This prepared them well for becoming owners of not one, but THREE MOOYAH locations!

The first location opened in 2015, and the second shortly after. With the third MOOYAH location, the Bergeson brothers hope to triangulate the entire Madison area and gain more name recognition. The MOOYAH location is close to several fierce competitors, such as Five Guys and several more upscale burger places. However, MOOYAH has always set itself apart with its family-friendly atmosphere, excellent customer service and commitment to quality that most other QSR burger franchises can’t hold a candle to. Josh and Lucas know that this is what makes MOOYAH different, and hope to capitalize on these qualities.

“We want that good word of mouth to continue,” Luke, said, noting that the family-like relationships between MOOYAH employees greatly contributes to the inviting atmosphere and happy work environment. “People know when they come to a MOOYAH in Madison, they’re going to get the best burger they’ve ever put in their mouth, served quick and in a clean and comfortable environment, with genuine service.”

Josh and Lucas also note that MOOYAH gives back to the community through fundraisers and charity, further contributing to the Home Town Home Team feel of the burger franchise.

“Their job is to get people in the door who let us know they’re here for the fundraiser,” Josh said. “We’ll do the rest. That’s our favorite type of marketing. Sun Prairie residents take extreme pride in their community and these things are important to us.”

In addition, the Bergesons have taken several steps to customize the menu to the tastes of their customers. They introduced a unique recipe item called the “Badger Burger”, specially formulated with Wisconsinites in mind. With applewood smoked bacon, two different types of cheese, and the signature MOOYAH dressing, the Badger Burger is hit at all 3 locations!

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