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Here at MOOYAH, the “better burger” franchise, we are celebrating the one year anniversary of the launch of our FIRST national cable advertising campaign in the company’s history!

This big move marked a major point of MOOYAH’s success in an increasingly competitive industry and helped further prove that guests love our “better burger” franchise concept.

“As a brand, MOOYAH has grown to the point where national TV ads make sense and fit our strategy to find enhanced ways to support our Franchise Partners across the country,” said Michael Mabry, President and COO of MOOYAH.

What National Advertisement Means for Franchise Owners

Burger Franchise

MOOYAH has a calculated, proven method when it comes to targeting demographics. First, the target markets are researched, and then those findings are used to create national and local promotions and campaigns.

This method has led to marketing strategies such as the MOOYAH rewards app, merchandise, fundraising, and PR coverage for store openings. Current Franchise Owners have been pleased with our results and potential Franchise Owners have been impressed as these types of promotions and campaigns have helped MOOYAH expand significantly over the last 12 years.

“Our Franchise Partners are excited to see broadcast marketing for the brand and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far. We are already getting solid anecdotal feedback within our restaurants from Guests who saw the commercials.

National Campaign Details

Our ads ran over the course of 16 weeks at the beginning of 2018 and were aimed at increasing sales for burger Franchise Partners and bringing awareness to MOOYAH, as a whole. Today, we continue to utilize these videos in local MOOYAH markets (non-skippable ads, spot cable, and radio streaming ads), and we are looking forward to new campaigns in the future!

“It’s our mission to be on the forefront of ways to gain increased trial and loyalty from Guests,” said Mabry. “We want our valued Franchise Partners to have the very best available to them and we want new franchise prospects to understand that the corporate team has their back and is fighting with them to dominate new markets.”

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