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This week marks the grand re-opening of our Billerica, MA MOOYAH location, and we couldn’t be more excited! After a three month absence from Billerica’s Fast-Casual restaurant scene, veteran MOOYAH Franchise Owners Patrick Guay and Phil Howells are bringing the skills that brought them success as owner-operators of three other MOOYAH burger franchise locations (two in Connecticut and one in Northborough, MA) to the Billerica store to breathe new life into it. This means that local fans who have been missing their faves, like the Double Diablo, no longer have to go without! 

Patrick and Phil, who were featured in our blog post that shared tips and advice from seasoned MOOYAH burger Franchise Owners, are just the right guys to bring our hamburger franchise back to Billerica. Recipients of the 2016 Rookie of the Year award, as well as 2017’s Simply Better award, Guay and Howells go the extra mile to bring the “Better Burger” experience to Guests at each of their three MOOYAH burger franchise locations. Guay, a former marketing executive, and Howells, a former dentist, realized that their Northborough, MA community was in need of a quality, family-friendly Fast-Casual hamburger franchise. Upon discovering the MOOYAH opportunity and being awarded their first franchise location, Patrick and Phil opened two more within the span of just 9 months. Their existing locations have been so successful in their markets since opening that one of them, on the UCONN campus, is actually a stop on the college tour! If Guay and Howells are able to work the same magic on their new Billerica location, it’s sure to be a hit!

In an article from local news publication The Lowell Sun, Guay and Howells talk about what attracted them to the opportunity in Billerica, and why they think the community is a good market for a high-quality burger franchise like MOOYAH, citing the town’s demographics and high level of community involvement as key factors. “The Billerica market is indicative of the market that MOOYAH as a brand likes to be part of,” said Patrick of his latest MOOYAH hamburger franchise endeavor., who also reported on the Billerica grand re-opening, quoted MOOYAH CEO Tony Darden as saying, “Patrick and Phil are true exemplary multi-unit franchisees that we’re proud to have in the MOOYAH family.” He adds, “MOOYAH is all about a quality product and getting involved in the local community, and Patrick and Phil get that that’s what it’s all about. We look forward to bringing more like-minded individuals into our franchise system.”

It’s true, as a brand, we thrive best in tight-knit communities full of good people who support one another. We love bringing a MOOYAH hamburger franchise to a neighborhood that has it all except the perfect hangout. Our laid-back, family-friendly atmosphere and focus on outstanding customer service makes us a perfect fit for cities that love to celebrate life’s little victories with some high-quality burgers, fries & shakes. Since we love being part of community-building events, like fundraisers for schools, churches, local sports teams, and more, we appreciate communities that strive to preserve and uphold values like friendship, family and being a good neighbor. We like to say we’re America’s favorite neighborhood hangout, and we do our best to ensure that each Guest who walks in the door feels like family, every single time.

With Franchise Owners like Patrick and Phil at the helm, the Billerica MOOYAH burger franchise location is on pace to be a great success! Thanks to their natural enthusiasm for providing high-quality food and exemplary customer service to each Guest who comes into any of their hamburger franchise locations, Guay and Howells are the ideal people to own and operate the Billerica location.

The Billerica grand re-opening event took place on Monday, September 16, and the store is now in full swing. Customers in and around the Billerica area can now enjoy the customizable, always-fresh, never-frozen burgers, fries & shakes that made us America’s Best Burger franchise in the first place, as well as new favorites, like our health-conscious Lifestyle Burger options for people who follow vegetarian, gluten-free, Keto, Paleo, or low-calorie diets. We’re glad to be back in Billerica!

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