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Fundraisers have been a cornerstone to MOOYAH’s success-connecting the best burgers, fries & shakes to the local community and the causes it cares for. That is, until the pandemic hit. As the global pandemic caused us to shift numerous operations and procedures, the fate of our Fundraising program seemed bleak, at least in its current state. After all, fundraisers have helped support local schools and youth programs while also introducing the Brand to new Guests, meaning it’s too important of an initiative to our Franchise Partners’ success to just do away with in 2020. Luckily, MOOYAH is a company filled with people that have the “figure it out” gene, and are now offering the ability for Guests to participate in fundraisers digitally, through our app by entering a promo code prior to ordering.

Digital fundraiser sales are added to the in-store fundraiser sales, so schools and non-profit organizations can raise money while maintaining the safety of their supporters. To make the idea successful, we worked with our app developer, Punchh. We are currently Punchh’s only client that uses these unique restaurant promo code for fundraisers.

Because this requires Guests to have the app, we are getting new downloads and users. Fundraisers have always helped with driving in new Guests, but now they’re downloading our app which allows us to re-engage and get them to come back in. It’s a win-win!

We at MOOYAH always make it a point to become involved in the communities we serve, so it is important to us to continue this tradition of helping others. The pandemic challenged our Fundraising program, until we put our heads together with our app developer Punchh to innovate a way to offer online digital fundraisers, helping to boost our local stores and their communities.

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