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When you’re planning to launch an 85,000 square-foot entertainment and education center for kids, you can’t just put any old hamburger franchise in it. That must have been the thought of KidZania USA CEO Greg Stevens and his team when they set out to open their Stonebriar Centre location in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas. The first KidZania location in the United States celebrated its grand opening last week, officially kicking off the partnership between the interactive city for kids and the hamburger franchise that was founded on FUN! That’s right: becoming a Team Member at MOOYAH is one of the many interactive role-playing experiences kids are able to have within the walls of KidZania. “MOOYAH is the perfect brand to join our first KidZania USA family in their backyard in Texas,” Stevens said in an interview with, adding, “The company has established relationships in the Texas community, and we hope this partnership will be as beneficial for them as we know their brand will be enjoyed by the children in the area.”

The excitement is mutual. MOOYAH President & COO Tony Darden told QSR Magazine, “KidZania USA brings such a unique concept to learning. As one of the first industry partners in this new Frisco location, we are looking forward to the opportunity to continue to grow our presence across the U.S. with KidZania in other major markets and to expose families to our playful brand and undeniably awesome menu. We are proud to be involved in this innovative and interactive learning experience.”

MOOYAH hamburger franchise KidZaniaKids who visit the miniaturized MOOYAH inside the KidZania complex will get to try their hand at preparing our delicious food that put us on the map. Even in a kid-themed mini-restaurant, MOOYAH is all about keeping it real. Children that participate in the experience can become a MOOYAH Chef and learn about making our famous hand-cut fries or a real ice cream shake—no fake plastic food here! For kids who have always thought that being a MOOYAH Team Member or Franchise Owner looks like a lot of fun, now’s their chance to find out!

In addition to the interactive experience, an actual MOOYAH restaurant owned by KidZania USA is available for parents and kids that want to purchase a quality meal during their day of fun. Families can sit at tables with chairs that fit just right for pint-sized guests and enjoy a Better Burger experience as part of their busy and educational day.

MOOYAH KidZania burger franchiseWith 29 facilities worldwide and an estimated 9 million annual visitors in 22 countries, KidZania is already an international powerhouse of kids’ education and entertainment. Children ages 1-14 enjoy interactive, realistic role-playing in a scaled indoor city built just for them! The KidZania brand, which is based in Mexico City, partners with real corporate sponsors to provide engaging, inspiring and fun experiences for children, so that they can try over 100 different careers in a single day. Because KidZania tries to incorporate brands that are viewed by kids as exciting and fun, the inclusion of MOOYAH was a perfect fit for their U.S. locations. MOOYAH plans to expand with KidZania with our partnership and hoping to grow in many more locations with KidZania.

MOOYAH’s partnership with KidZania solidifies our reputation as a FUN, family-friendly hamburger franchise that brings people together over a “better burger” experience. We couldn’t be more proud to be involved in what we feel is an outstanding education opportunity for kids, and love thinking that maybe some of the little girls and boys who are honorary Team Members at our KidZania location today may become actual Team Members or Franchise Owners at MOOYAH locations in the future. Preparing and serving America’s best burgers, fries & shakes is a serious job, and we figure it’s never too early to help more kids become interested in that hamburger franchise life we love so much!

Additionally, we’re excited to partner with KidZania because of the highly important benefits it brings to children in the community. Role-playing is an essential part of childhood, since it allows kids to explore their dreams and career aspirations, not to mention express themselves freely in a safe environment made just for them. KidZania also goes beyond career readiness and life-skill preparation through role-play to incorporate character-building and self-empowerment principles. Six characters, known as the RightZKeepers of KidZania, represent the ideals that are the foundation of the KidZania constitution: to Be, to Know, to Create, to Care, to Share, and to Play. As a family-focused hamburger franchise with a serious commitment to building a strong, tight-knit community, we feel that the values represented by KidZania are in perfect alignment with our own!

Do you secretly wish you’d gotten to role-play as a MOOYAH Franchise Owner when you were a kid? Are you envying your child for getting to wear the red MOOYAH smock at our KidZania location? We’ve got good news for you! We’re currently awarding franchises to qualified investors in select territories, and we’re always on the lookout for folks who love our fresh, high-quality burgers, fries & shakes as much as we do! KidZania only lets kids up to age 14 participate in the interactive MOOYAH experience, but we can help you do the real thing by investing in our franchise opportunity. Visit our franchise website to learn more about us, and to take the first steps toward a FUN and rewarding new career!

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