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Does Five Guys Franchise?

Five Guys Burger and Fries has been franchising since 2002 and has grown exponentially. With now over 1,500 locations in the United States, there are no more franchise leases available. Anyone who wants to franchise a Five Guys will have to choose an overseas location which can be much more difficult than franchising within the United States.

With Five Guys and their franchising availability issues, consider a better alternative: MOOYAH. Here’s how the two compare:

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“Better Burger”: Five Guys VS MOOYAH

Five Guys is a handcrafted burger and fries franchise. While Five Guys claims they invented the “better burger” concept, various competitors have emulated this style. A “better burger” is made with better sourced ingredients, made fresh daily, and never frozen (in contrast to the mystery ingredient, frozen patties of McDonald’s and Burger King).

Five Guys Franchise Cost

If there were any available Five Guys franchise leases available, you would be looking at an investment of $306,200 – $641,250, a $25,000 franchise fee, a 6% royalty fee, and a 2% advert fee.

Five Guys Franchise Requirements

Anyone who wants to franchise a Five Guys must have a net worth of at least $1.5 million and a liquidity of $500,000. Combined with the fact that there are no more locations in the United States, anyone looking for burger franchise opportunities won’t have much luck with Five Guys.

Five Guys Franchise Info

While Five Guys does franchise, their contracts are notoriously strict. Franchise Owners are allowed zero freedom when it comes to the menu. While many owners have fought to feature milkshakes, chicken sandwiches, and coffee on the menu, their requests have been shot down. Milkshakes are only available at a very few select locations. A Forbes article detailing the rise of Five Guys has quoted owner and founder Jerry Murrell saying that the franchise contracts are so strict that even “he isn’t sure he’d sign it.” When it comes to franchising, freedom is an essential part of the deal. Franchising with a strict company like Five Guys is no different than working in a corporate job.

Looking to Open a Five Guys Franchise, but Discouraged Because There are no Available Locations?

Don’t be! Five Guys Franchise has no more available USA locations, but MOOYAH does! We also offer way more freedom than Five Guys and we believe our burger is the best “better burger.” And you bet we have milkshakes!

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Franchise with MOOYAH, the Best Burger Franchise, Instead!

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MOOYAH is a fun focused franchise that is burger obsessed. So obsessed, that we only use fresh, never frozen Certified Angus Beef®, premium vegetables and add-ons, and hand-cut Idaho potato fries. We also don’t use allergenic peanut oil (like Five Guys does).

At MOOYAH, we’re all about the MOOLAH. We’re proud of our numbers and aren’t afraid to share them. Contact us today for more details.

And, unlike Five Guys Franchise, we have plenty of burger franchise availability in the United States. Ready to make some MOOLAH?

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