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Work hard, play hard, eat well.

That’s our philosophy at MOOYAH and it seems to have worked for us in the 12 years we’ve been in the burger franchise business.

not your ordinary burger

The classic American burger continues to be a favorite, and that’s not likely to change. Americans actually consume an average of 2.4 burgers a day, or 222 pounds of red meat a year. However, appetites and dietary restrictions are a major consumer concern and we cater to every limitation we can, without compromising taste or quality. That’s where our Lifestyle Burgers come in.

Take our Jennie-O Turkey burger, for instance. Perfect for the customer who doesn’t care for red meat. Then there’s the vegan burger, the vegetarian, the paleo burger, and low-calorie options. Something to tempt just about anyone! This isn’t your ordinary burger joint, and you’ll probably never see such a variety of burgers on a single menu board anywhere else.

The reason we choose MOOYAH is [that] we liked the simplicity of the brand - burgers, fries, and shakes. And they [are] really good at it.

Jason Kullman

The corporate office [and] everybody from the top on down is like family...we have great support and great feedback.

Kaleb Duong

Do I get to have a lot of fun in this business? Absolutely I do!

Lucas Bergeson

MOOYAH sets itself apart from all the other burger places in so many ways...I am so proud of our product, it's amazing.

Loren Katzman

I think we are headed in a great direction, we are able to see good profitability at both of [our] stores...The product we have is second to none in the Fast Casual burger industry.

Josh Bergeson

In one word, if I had to describe being a MOOYAH owner, I’d say it's exciting.

Bailey McGuire

only the best

burger franchise

We’re picky at MOOYAH burger franchise. We hold our 100% Certified Angus Beef®️ up to strict standards that must meet 10 scientific specifications to be considered up to par. Only 3 out of 10 cattle deliver that level of quality, and our consumers like knowing that! In fact, about 80% prefer a higher quality beef over the average selection, even if they have to pay more for it.

It’s not just our burgers that we take pride in. We’re proud of our hand-cut fries and our variety of homemade buns as well. Not to mention our 20 sauce options, our garden-fresh produce, and our real ice cream shakes.

want to join our team?

Our passion for quality doesn’t just apply to our menu – we also uphold stringent standards regarding who joins our team. A MOOYAH burger Franchise Owner must have strong leadership skills, a mind for business, and a drive to serve the community to the best of their ability.

hamburger franchise

Think that describes you? It’s easy to get started. Here’s how the process works:


Simply follow our link where you’ll fill out a short questionnaire


Schedule an initial phone call to get all your questions answered and allow us to ask you a few as well.



Review our Franchise Disclosure Document, and learn about our business model and support structure. 


At this point, you’ll be ready for a few introductions to get to know us even better. That starts with a peer review session in which fellow MOOYAH owners can hear your story and decide if you’d be a good fit for our team. 


After an executive review of your progress up to this point, you’ll be invited to spend a day with the directors in Texas where you can see us in action and learn what it takes to run your own restaurant.


Once the franchise agreement is signed, you’ll be welcomed into our MOOYAH family, probably over a burger and fries!

You can look forward to serving up some of America’s best-loved, savory classics behind your own counter in no time!


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