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Our Burger Franchise Redesign is Officially Buzzworthy!


Last week, we unveiled the sleek, new design of MOOYAH burger franchise restaurants that is coming in 2020. Not surprisingly, our seriously sophisticated new look is generating some pretty good buzz from news outlets that report on the Fast Casual and QSR franchise space. The stunning new restaurant concept that MOOYAH will begin rolling out in Q1 of 2020 is making headlines in publications like 1851 Franchise and QSR Magazine. We’re thrilled to finally get to show everyone what we’ve been up to and look forward to bringing our Guests an elevated restaurant design fit for the better burger experience they already know and love!

As both the 1851 Franchise and QSR articles mention, our new design and prototype come at a perfectly-placed moment in MOOYAH history: after nearly two years spent perfecting our franchise model with our all-star Executive Management Team, we are ready to ramp up our franchising efforts in 2020 and beyond! We’ve got plans to open 14 new MOOYAH locations in the coming year, all of which will be built in the new design. Our soon-to-open burger franchise locations in Hoover, Alabama and Orlando, Florida will be the first two MOOYAH restaurants in the universe that feature the new design. In addition to our new locations, our outstanding corporate support team will work with Franchise Owners to remodel 12 existing MOOYAH restaurants in the coming year. And that’s just the beginning! By 2024, all existing and future locations will feature the updated MOOYAH burger franchise design.

Redesigned MOOYAH Burger Franchise

In many ways, the slick new look of MOOYAH goes hand-in-hand with the emphasis we place on the central tenets of our burger franchise’s core philosophy: fresh, high-quality food and ingredients, community and FUN! As MOOYAH President and COO Tony Darden told 1851 Franchise, “This new design and layout will take MOOYAH to the next level in terms of providing a differentiated experience that reduces friction for our Guests and Team Members. This new approach will also align with our overall strategy to be accessible to our Guests in the manner in which they want to enjoy their dining experience.” Tony’s right; our new design is all about bringing people together, literally! Our high-top community tables are perfect for making new friends over a juicy, mouthwatering burger, while our new flexible seating area makes it easy for friends and family to share a meal, whether it’s a party of two or a party of 20! We’ll still have comfy booth seating for those who feel that a Better Burger experience is one to be savored for long periods of time. Basically, no matter what our Guests want to experience from a burger franchise committed to quality and community, they’ll be able to find it at their seriously upgraded new MOOYAH.

Interior burger franchise

While our burgers, fries & shakes have always been the best in the burger franchise business, we felt it was important to develop a new design for MOOYAH restaurants that reflects the obsessive amount of detail we put into creating the MOOYAH experience. But how do you design a restaurant that looks and feels as amazing as our “ridiculicious” food tastes? Fortunately for us, we were able to partner with Madrid-based architectural firm Livit, who was able to successfully capture the MOOYAH essence and apply it to restaurant design. “The Livit team worked extremely hard to understand MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes and took a deep dive into the brand’s culture and values,” a Livit representative told QSR Magazine. “Livit also looked at where the brand has been, where it stands in the marketplace and how the leadership team envisions its future. The result is a wonderfully updated look that will be recognized by both guests and the Fast Casual industry. It has been and remains a pleasure to work with the MOOYAH team.”

Tony Darden agrees that the updated new design concept by Livit speaks to the exciting direction in which our burger franchise is heading, in terms of growth and expansion across the United States. “The new MOOYAH provides a high-esteem experience, whether that be through dining in, to-go pick-up or delivery,” he told 1851 Franchise. “We are confident this elevated design positions us extremely well to achieve our short- and long-term growth strategies as we partner with existing as well as new Franchise Owners. We truly believe the alignment of design and experience with our second-to-none food quality gives us a competitive advantage across the industry.”

New MOOYAH interior

As we move closer to the grand opening of our first two MOOYAH burger franchise locations with the updated new look, we can’t help but get excited about the growth we’re poised to experience in the coming year and beyond. We’re all fired up to partner with Franchise Owners who are committed to bringing the Better Burger experience to new communities all over America, and look forward to a time (in the not-so-distant future) where beautiful new MOOYAH burger franchise restaurants can be found all across the country. 

Need a shiny new MOOYAH restaurant in your community? If you share our passion for building a better burger and can see yourself as the owner of the best burger franchise in your neighborhood, we want to talk to you! Visit our franchise website here to learn more. 


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