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The Reign of McDonald’s Burger Franchise is Over

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While the golden arches once represented the epitome of fast food and hamburgers, American consumers are no longer “lovin’ it.” 2014 marked the first time in almost 30 years that McDonald’s recorded lower year-over-year system wide sales. In 2015 and onwards, this declining trend continued. While a few quarters picked up over the past years, McDonald’s has not recovered from its epic fall.

In October of 2019, McDonald’s shares dropped 5% as sales hit lower percentages than predicted. Menu changes, the introduction of All Day Breakfast and other innovations have failed to re-establish the once powerful burger franchise. As other fast food restaurants experience similar declines, it’s safe to say that the reign of fast food has come to an end. A growing demand for better ingredients and lighter choices has fueled the fast food decline.

The Fast Casual industry, which accounts for $52 billion in sales annually, is quickly establishing itself as the preferred dining option for American consumers. Offering dine-in quality food in a laid back environment, Fast Casuals answer the consumer demand for lighter and tastier alternatives. Recent studies show that 82% of consumers are always willing to pay more for premium ingredients. This means that McDonald’s stands no chance against the “better burger” experience typical of Fast Casual burger franchises.

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Although we love moolah, we know there are more important things in life. That’s why we have created a business plan that focuses on community involvement and top quality Guest experience. By serving only the freshest, never-frozen 100% Certified Angus Beef®, our Guests never have to worry about “mystery meat.” We know that a good meal starts with quality ingredients and we strive to impress our consumers with both quality and flavor. To stay involved with our local communities, MOOYAH partners with schools, churches and sports groups for fundraising events. For a fun and lucrative future, join the MOOYAH team today!
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A Better Burger Franchise

MOOYAH is a “better burger” franchise that has reinvented America’s favorite meal. We always wonder how McDonald’s sad excuse for a hamburger ever became so popular. At MOOYAH, we don’t believe that mystery meat shoved between two soggy buns and topped with wilted lettuce define a burger. In fact, we think this is blasphemous to the name of hamburgers. That’s why we made it our goal to provide American consumers with quality, tasty burgers.

Our hamburger franchise uses only 100% Certified Angus Beef®, non-GMO baked buns in-house daily and fresh veggies prepped daily. We also offer hand-cut French fries made from No. 1 Idaho potatoes and shakes made from real ice cream to wash it all down. We have embraced the “better burger” franchise that has taken over the Fast Casual industry. And, at MOOYAH, we do it best. Consumers go wild for our burgers — we now have over 70 national locations and 10 international. We are looking for talented, hardworking entrepreneurs to help us keep up with the demand.

There are various available territories nationwide and our Franchise Owners receive the benefits of corporate support and full-fledged marketing assistance. If you are interested in investing into a hamburger franchise, don’t take a risk on the sinking ship of fast food. The better burger is now king and MOOYAH is here to stay.

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Top Five Reasons to Buy a Burger Franchise

Learn why MOOYAH is right for you!

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For just $402,750 – $564,400 you can join the MOOYAH burger franchise. This investment includes: franchise fee, training, rent and leasehold improvements, furniture and fixtures, computers and software, inventory and supplies, uniforms, license and permits and grand opening expenses. Talk about a bang for your buck! With a small initial investment, you’ll get everything you need to run a successful business plus the rights to our incredible branding and solid business plan.

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MOOYAH has incredible economic indicators. We serve quality, preferred ingredients in a lucrative industry through two streams of revenue. Our business model has shown yearly growth, and our AUV is a staggering $831,336 with top 10% of franchise owners earning $1+ million annually! With such a small investment and incredibly high sales, you can expect a very quick ROI. Talk about low risk, high reward! At MOOYAH, we love the moolah.

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When you decide to open a burger franchise, you are taking control of your life. No more clocking in and clocking out for the man, because with MOOYAH you are the man! Owning a franchise means you get to make the schedules and hire the managers so you can take a more relaxed schedule. From young entrepreneurs to seasoned retirees, our current owners love the flexibility that owning a burger franchise brings them.

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As a MOOYAH owner, you will be working for yourself but never by yourself! Our support includes real estate and construction, marketing and advertising, operational support, accounting and financial coaching, annual meetings and frequent site visits, and ongoing assistance. There’s no “I” in MOOYAH and we work as a team to make the moolah.

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If lots of moolah, flexibility, independence, and support don’t do you in, we know this last one will. By investing into a burger franchise like MOOYAH, you are investing into your future. If you dream of early retirement, support for your generations or the freedom to pursue different business ventures, franchising is a good way to get there as it builds capital quickly, teaches you business knowledge and is a great way to network with other business minded individuals.

Invest in MOOYAH Today

While McDonald’s is becoming a thing of the past, MOOYAH is revving up for nationwide hamburger franchise takeover. Are you with us? For an industry low investment of $402,750 – $564,400, you can open your very own MOOYAH and rake in all the MOOLAH. Contact us today to learn more.