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We’ve always known that MOOYAH is the best burger franchise in America, but we’re proud to see that our hamburger franchise is good at bringing more than just premium-quality burgers, fries & shakes to the communities we serve! This past month, MOOYAH President & COO Tony Darden was featured in the Wall St. Journal, in an article about how companies are giving their non-management employees bigger raises to keep them happy at their jobs.

“The effective labor pool is smaller than what it has been in the past,” Darden explained to Wall St. Journal reporters Eric Morath and Jeffrey Sparshott in the December 30 article. “As you look to bring on folks, ultimately higher wages are used to attract them.” MOOYAH increased its wages by 8 percent in 2019, with the bulk of that increase going to entry-level hamburger franchise employees. In a world where the federal minimum wage is only $7.25 per hour, this increase can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction at MOOYAH. The pay increase at MOOYAH may inspire workers at other hamburger franchise concepts to join the MOOYAH team in order to capitalize on the significant pay difference. Meanwhile, the increase can help existing MOOYAH Team Members feel valued and appreciated, which can translate to higher morale and a boost in motivation, both key factors in providing high-quality experiences to customers. 

Tony Darden and the rest of the MOOYAH corporate team understands that in order to be the best burger franchise in America, you have to start with the best employees around! This isn’t the first time MOOYAH has found itself in the prestigious pages of the Wall St. Journal: back in September, Tony Darden was quoted in an article discussingthe decline in youth employment rates. “We’re no longer in a situation where we can sit back and wait on applications coming in from people who want to work for us,” Darden said in the September article. “It’s a war for talent.” Tony Darden’s attitudes toward ensuring that only the best of the best want to work at MOOYAH help Franchise Owners attract and retain employees who are conscientious, kind, friendly and above all, eager to help make their hamburger franchise stand head and shoulders above the local competition.

Our corporate executive team knows the value of good workers and understands how they can be an asset to Franchise Owners as well as to our reputation for excellent food quality and exceptional customer service. Our employees are a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to being the best burger franchise in America, and we make it a point to let them know they are valued by treating them better than other Fast Casual burger concepts in the space treat their staff. We believe that when one of us wins, we all win! It’s our team approach to service that makes MOOYAH stand out as the BEST “better burger” franchise. Making sure our Team Members stay happy is more than just a winning strategy for becoming a top hamburger franchise; it’s also a way to ensure that we’re giving back to our communities, in more ways than one. By increasing our employees’ pay, we’re helping them to secure a bright future for themselves and their families, which results in a stronger economy for everyone involved. The success of each of our Team Members is just as important to us as the success of MOOYAH as a whole, because without our valued employees, there just wouldn’t be a MOOYAH!

Best of all, it’s not just our Team Members who are on pace to earn some serious MOOLAH this year; our Franchise Owners, and those who are in the process of being awarded a MOOYAH franchise, have the potential for earning high returns on a relatively low initial investment. Compared to other Fast Casual hamburger franchise opportunities, MOOYAH is not just the most fun “better burger” concept out there– it’s also the smartest!

We’re proud to be featured in Wall St. Journal as a hamburger franchise that is raising wages to fill our positions. We are serious about bringing a high-quality burger experience to Guests across the country and want to make sure that our valued Team Members reap the rewards of being part of the best burger franchise in America! Our commitment to keeping our Team Members happy is one of the things that makes MOOYAH “simply better.” Are you ready to become part of one of the fastest-growing hamburger franchise opportunities in America? Do you love burgers, fries & shakes more than life itself? Are you interested in a career that brings FUN to the table? If you answered ‘yes,’ let’s talk! Complete our initial questionnaire today to begin our Franchise Education Process, or visit our website to learn more.     Hey, MOOYAH fans! Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram. Connect with us via LinkedIn. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.